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More about "HOME", the NEW HOMELESS: The Edgy Reality of Pluto squaring Saturn, the Shout out "Partner Up!"

"Living public"
One of the Paper Napkin Poems published on The Sam and Sally Blog
Copyright 2008 , Mokihana Calizar

Urban life.

Parking lots paved paradise.

Still the palms sway in the afternoon breeze.

`Aole fruit. Cut to avoid killing a haole from land where snow drifts in the same global afternoon breeze.

Homeless—houseless nomads sleep legally in ALOHA STATE licensed vehicle.

Beware the witching hour.

BONG! 6:01 sleeping, you are citable by law.

Living public the maimed and injured catch the eye, draw heavy hands and big billed brother.

Peck. Peck.

Bang, bang.

Slam, Slam.


Security in the parking lots. Log times in. Log times out...

The moon is plumping, waxing into her fullness, Pete and I emerge from the 'Ole cycle just completed.  Four days and nights of review, revisiting and preparing for more life on The Green Planet.  Funny, the description of Earth as 'the green' one ought to be forever true.  Yet, how long is forever?  The four days of 'ole have, as they usually are, been full.  The daily reality of life remains a mixed bag:  the pounding and sanding of the construction next door continues; the formaldhyde soaked 'used to be wood' walls get wet with the rain and set things even more off-center.  We have made adjustments to that reality by investing in a new AUSTIN JR. Plus air purifier.  It's one that filters formaldhyde.  Our friend "A" has invested in us, too.  Thanks to her offer to have our backs when we need it, we got enough money to cover the expenses for that unexpected 'right to breathe'.  After more than a week, the basement is clearer, though I still must spend limited time and go to the vardo and do NAET self-treatments to clear the energy of the depleting chemical.  I'm 'wearing' a formaldyhyde "patch" for twenty-five hours to allow my body to make adjustments to something that I cannot avoid.  (Link here to find out more about NAET.  This is a healing tool that I use regularly, it is for me a way to affirm my belief that I can move energy through me.  It is NOT A CURE in the medically limited definitions.  NAET is a tool that one opens to if there is room, and uses it with practice and attending.)  My carbon filtering mask dangles, like a pear shaped earring off my left ear.  Back-up protection.

Life as a pair of old dears who sleep and recoup in VardoForTwo, while attached by that orange electrical extension cord, is a reality of The Green Planet's morphing reconstruction.  Astrologically, the planet Pluto (that tiniest of planets or non-planets who mirrors the collective unconscious and primal fears) is parked in the constellation of Capricorn, and is squared off with Saturn (the planet of linear time/structure/limitations) in the sign/constellation of Libra.  Back in 2009 Elsa P. from posted this video to prepare us.  Pete and I have been part of what TIME Magazine is calling the "new homeless."  More about that in a moment.  What's important here is to open to the language of the sky, Astrology, and Elsa P. has been a vital key and teacher for me as I learn to reconstruct my life from a tiny home.  Setting the stage on this Green Planet ... the collective reality is:  no one will go without being challenged at the bone!

The poem "Living public" is one of several that I wrote during the months of living in our car, "Scout" our trusted Subaru.  Again, for those new to our journey and the style of blogging I do, you may like to catch up or braid your way to the other blogs to read Sam and Sally.  Sam and Sally are the characters who gave our edgy real-time life a healing comfort that could not come from the systems, the definitions or the authorities present at the time.  Three years later, the collective experience of "home" and "homelessness" is expanding to include thousands of folk who would never call themselves homeless ... and now we do! 

This is a snip from the TIMES article ...
"It's no fun living in your car," says Mike, a lighting specialist in the Los Angeles entertainment industry who has been out of work for a year. One of his last jobs was the Academy Awards show. "I don't have a job right now, in part because of my situation. Did you know that 50% of people who are homeless and living in their cars have jobs?" He keeps his vehicle registration current and parks his van on side streets on L.A.'s west side and in the San Fernando Valley. "You want to park where it is safe and inconspicuous. Not a busy street where someone might plow into you, and not a place where the bums will bother you," Mike says. "If the police hassle you, they'll impound your car and you'll lose everything. I don't want to find out..."

The structure, stability and safety of 'Homes" as we have know it changed when that planet of the collective conscious Pluto, moved from its long stay in big, bigger and boastfully better Sagitarrius into steady-Eddie Capricorn.  Pete and I reflect often, as I especially become aware of the reflection on the 'Ole Cycles.  Those three and four nights of the moon, seven nights after the New Moon, and then again twenty one nights later, give me a smaller segment of time to recoup and assess.  We have been through a legend of loss.  Our aging physical selves know it, even as we deny it as a way to simply get through.  What is valuable is to recognize the gold and the goal:  from Elsa's video I heard the message "Partner up!"  Saturn is in the constellation Libra and solid reconstruction is best fueled by teaming up in relationships (Libra) that are solid and time-tested (Saturn). 

From this Mill Town, of imperfect circumstances, Pete and I are partnered with friends we've known and supported/been supported by for nearly forty years.  We are (the two pairs) the same age:  not young.  We are sun-sign identified as a Pisces female, a Capricorn male, a Cancer male and a Scorpion female.  A short version of the solidity of our partnering comes from the Pisces female who serves with access to store of Faith and Grace un-compromised; the Capricorn earth-bound worker who knows to work as efficiently as he knows how; the Cancer male is a nurturer, a mother with the hands of practiced building; and the Scorpion who knows the landscape of deaths and re-births with her eyes closed.  Add to all of this the love we have for each other and that feels like home to me. Thank you, Bonnie Raitt!!

What had "worked" before, will not work today.  Our challenge as humans on the Green Planet today, is to open up to the light of our souls in whatever ways you can.  Astrology has been my greatest source of light.  Whether you believe in the language of the sky, or not, there are partnerships to be formed for your good.  I know it to be so!  If you Libra or Saturn, Pluto or Capricorn play big parts in your chart, you'll be feeling the intensity of this year long Saturn-Pluto square off.  And the rest of yous, that feeling of loss or disconnection you feel because you just don't know whether you're coming or going?  Been there.  Partner up.

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