Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LUNAR NEW MOON IN Aquarius, Sunday, February 14

Chinese New Year, the new Lunar New Year begins on Sunday, February 14, 2010.  Astrologically, the new lunar year begins in the sign of Aquarius.  An abundance of soul-enriching posts have been written by astrologers I respect and enjoy.  Through their eyes and with their perspectives my moon-based life grows with each cycle.  You regular readers know that Mahina is our time-keeper of choice.  Mahina (the moon) in my Hawaiian mother's culture weaves her magic into Pete's and my life raising our consciousness and slowly yet steadily placing our souls, our goals and our visions for present and future good in the flow of sol-lunar time. 

When we lived without the clocks of society, setting up home from the small space of our station wagon, it was the moon, the stars, planets and dark night sky that re-tooled our place on Earth.  Neptune in particular applied harsh pressure on the way I functioned in the world.  Watering down my former ways of being, one of the first things to change was the way we looked at time, the way we marked time.  Any one who has lived in and from a car or wheeled vehicle knows there is a 'witching hour' -- variable from place to place, province to country.  The 'witching hour' turns car dwellers from citizens with rights and dignity to illegal nomads with few rights to be anywhere "public" and too often, void of dignity in the face of authority and the on-looking public.  We learned to live like the feral cat; invisible by day and stealth by night.  The new Chinese New Year begins the year of the Tiger ... and in many ways, Pete and I celebrate the strength we have gained learning to live as feral cat, and recognize that the Full Moon in Leo (the cat) at the end of 2009 has taught me (with Mars in Leo, and with Mars in retrograde until March, 2010) to reassess my relationship with power ... for all the best reasons.
Three astrology sites/blogs inspire me as we clear and clean our beautiful, tiny home called VardoForTwo.

This snip from Planetary Apothecary about the Aquarius New Moon begins:

During this New Moon in Aquarius–which is aligned the sympathy-inspiring planet, Neptune–we may find ourselves turning our attention from our personal lives to larger collective issues... Link to read the entire article found on the AstroDispatch.

CJ Wright, of Auntie Moon, always a favorite blog spot for me, has wonderful things to say about the traditions and practices that come from my Chinese ancestors.  CJ writes with her inimitably comfortable style and offers practical ways to clear out the old air/old breath and welcome the abundance of the new.  Chi, Chi, Chi!  Gung Hee Fat Choy.  Link to Auntie Moon below to read at least a couple wonderful articles about the Aquarius New Lunar Year.

Kachina Houska, author and healer who shares her insight at In2theMystic is the one who drew the cat-influence of Leo into the braid.  I read Kachina's post "Pouring Forth Gifts of Grace" and was at once calmed and infused with understanding and grace Link to "Pouring Forth Gifts of Grace below for a precious lunar insight.
Pete and I have begun the clearing and cleaning of space over which we have responsibility.  The basement co-housing space we use in our friends' home is freshly cleaned.  The VardoForTwo will be cleaned once we have brought in the new formaldehyde-filtering air purifiers ... then we can truly clear the CHI of toxics.  A version of our own dragon dance and firecracker-free parade is planned for Sunday, and tasty recipes for succulent noodles and maybe a Chinese New Year Turnip Cake will add to our celebration.

We wish all our friends, family and readers abundance of grace, health and love with the CHI of the tiger ever at your access.

Mokihana and Pete


kachina said...

Beautiful post Mokihana!

I enjoyed your references as to your relationship to time as dictated by nature. It has been many years now that I have had difficulty holding to conventional time patterns and am fortunate to be able to hold a schedule that allows me to flow more with astral energies than previously in my life.

May the Year of the Tiger bring you conquests and acquisitions that are beneficial for your personal well-being and path.

Thanks for the link and mention, I am honored.

Love, Kachina

Mokihana Calizar said...


It makes me feel good to connect with and braid the sharings like yours. I love the possibilities of time and nature does seem to have it down.

Good night moon.