Thursday, September 24, 2009

Holding Pattern and antennae up!

We're in a holding pattern today. The clouds have moved in and replaced the bright, action-packed days of Fall's first days. We have done a lot to search out our next encampment and are waiting on things, waiting to hear from people and waiting for the new coat of wax to dry on the outside of the vardo.

Between all the communication and activity of the first days of Fall several very interesting new bits have come our way. The issues of Earth beings' birthright to safe housing and safe living environment are primary concerns for those of us who live with the daily reality of 'having' neither. With our Kolea Nani life the search for creative ways to live gently on Earth while also navigating the systems and structures that have not yet been reassembled, we have our antennae poised, keenly aware of groups and individuals who ARE in the process of 'Reassembling.'
These activities have made themselves know to us. Shown up on the radar during our recent searches. Maybe they will be of interest to you, too.

Take Back The Air

Clean air is essential. Period. Our search for a winter encampment escalates our awareness that pollution on the Earth makes living with multiple chemical sensitivities just that much more challenging. I learned about this group during a recent The Canary Report chat. While we were on our scouting trip to the Oregon coast I shared this link with our new MCS friend. She had heard of them ... perhaps that additional chirp will connect the west coast activists to link with these flatlander folk.

Here's what this group is all about: From their home page their purpose is ...

"We are a Minneapolis grassroots organization dedicated to cleaning up the Top Neighborhood
Air Polluters that invade other people's airspace without their permission, exacerbating asthma and causing a host of other health problems.

The top polluters are:
  • Wood smoke
  • Fragrances
  • Scented Laundry Products
  • Lawn Chemicals
  • Charcoal Grills
  • Lawn Mower Exhaust"

Alternative Refuge. Com

Last night or very early in the morning when I was awake before the sun I found this link to a Connecticut group focusing their energy on building environmentally sensitive, affordable homes for people with environmental illness. Again, this link came from my Canary network; someone who knows we are looking for the creative and perhaps not yet created alternative refuge.

I have just begun to skim the website and found it thoughtfully focused and it appears the principal folk involved in this new project have experience with the systems of 'charitable works', governmental systems and navigating the process of funding and bridge-building. There is a survey included on this website that asks for input. Specifically it is supposed (sorry, my laptop is low, low on memory and capacity and I cannot load pdf files ... which this survey is) to be asking for income information. Many of us (including these two old dears) live on annual incomes of less than $15,000 a year. This survey is part of there research and development process. Anyone out there who can download pdf files, and is interested in this project ... I'd love to know what this survey includes.

Alternative Refuge includes the tab on their website

Housing for the Environmentally Sensitive

Or Why is my house hurting me?

There might be something good happening here. It's worth a look see and perhaps a usable resource for our Earth Sensitives.

Habitats Hawaii

Again, yesterday during the Mercury doing its thing with Uranus day of things happening in the sky. A good friend of us emailed us the link to this site. He said, "Have you seen this?" I clicked on it, and answered him. "No, we hadn't"

When we opened the page it was like looking at our own Kolea Nani's twin ... only this vardo called Hele Mai (in Hawaiian it translates, "Welcome, come come!") Habitat was recently built on the island of Hawaii. This newly developing island-based business is working with the Reassembling genes. I began communicating with Barrie Rose from Habitats Hawaii last night, and I hope this will be the beginning of a mutually enlightening community building experience.

The wheelie home is beautiful and includes some very fine touches ... it's the outdoor shower on that vardo I LOVE! The seeds of Reassembling are being sown all over Earth. While we are searching, the vibe of these positive probabilities are showing up. Attracting like energy and having the allies to support the Earthly efforts that is good juju.

On hold and spreading the news. Aloha, Mokihana


Susie Collins said...

Aloha Mokihana and Pete, thanks for the shout out-- I'm always thrilled to see people networking and sharing info through The Canary Report.

I did not know about Habitats Hawaii! Wow. Are they using nontoxic materials? I'm so happy you've found a kindred vardo spirit here in the islands (and so close to me!). Exciting!


Mokihana and Pete said...

E, Susie,

You are so right ... Canary is a great superhighway for sharing.

No, I don' think they are building non-toxic. Nice looking hale though, and hope to keep learning about them ... Maybe you'll hook up since they are on island.

xoMokihana and Pete