Monday, September 7, 2009

Search for a Winter Space

***Mature, quiet, responsible couple

living in this Wee Wheelie Chemical Free Haven


seek quiet, house/shared space in the Newport – Yachats area of the Oregon coast

on the American Continent.***

My husband and I are looking to rent a studio cottage or one-bedroom cottage

or rent one bedroom in a larger home

with space to park our 8’x12’ white oak/milk-painted Vardo

in the Newport - Yachats area.

Our ideal situation would offer clean, fresh air (free of wood smoke) and a pesticide/chemical free environment.

We have built a chemical free mobile haven as a single-room safe bedroom/ parlor

to accommodate our multiple chemical sensitivities.

We live with an outdoor kitty named JOTS who lives in her own house on the porch of our Vardo.

Our needs are simple and non-intrusive (we are very quiet old dears):

Share a chemical free electric appliance kitchen

and use bathroom facilities

And if applicable we would share laundry facilities

We are able to pay up to $400 monthly

for shared housing and hook-up including utilities,

and would happily work (doing home repair and Back-to-Basics cleaning)

in exchange/partial work exchange

for a snug and safe winter place.

Do you have a snug, safe space to rent?

Email Mokihana or Pete: with SUBJECT: Winter Space

Dear Readers,

This is the ad we are creating to seek a winter space for VardoForTwo. If you have comments, ideas for better copy, or a place/space that would fit this description ... please let us know.

That space is there somewhere ... we just need to be where it is.


Mokihana and Pete


Anonymous said...

"A good traveler has no set plans, and is not intent on arriving."
-Lao Tzu

Leslie @ the oko box said...

I wish you could have come over here- but my organic neighbors moved out, and my new neighbor smokes cigs and uses chem cleaners !!! oh no!!!!
I may have to eventually move myself.

Mokihana and Pete said...

@ Anonymous ... I know there's a message there; so much to learn.

Mokihana and Pete said...

Hey, Leslie,

Thanks for thinking about us being in the woods with you. WE woulda loved the adventure. Geez, peace for you who nows must contend with cigs and chems in the pristine woods. I know, I know.

We went into the big city of Olympia the other day to meet a wonderful young mother and her 5 yr old son. They were looking for a roommate ... and there was space for the vardo!

So many good things were going for us all: she gets the no chem and stinky clear-out of thrift store clothes. And sweet! Oh such a dear little family.

We put a contingent deposit down ...asking her to let us be with the possible affects. Within the hour we were both reacting. Being sensitive is tough ... OMG think of how the Earth feels 24/7!

Erik said...

I have space, but it's far too cold up here in NW Wisconsin :-P

Mokihana and Pete said...

Hay Erik Thanks for the offer for a space to share. It has taken Mokihana and I over a year and a half to acclimate to the mild temp of the NorthWest summers. This will be our second winter and the first in the Vardo since leaving Hawaii. So the time line for us to be able to adjust to a Wisconsin winter would be sometime in the
unforseeable future. This from a guy who grew up in Green Bay and worked const. outside year around until I found out pipes don't freeze when the temp is only 32 degrees. Thanks again for the comment. Pete