Monday, September 14, 2009

One more minute of silliness

Okay, the seeds of Silly and Serious (who knew there was someone else out there ... a major Fun-Maker who has plays with Silly and Serious in his 'inner playground' ) are planted. And my virtual-friends (is that what you call friends you cannot touch in the flesh?) are rooting (is that a pun?) for this planting.

Alright, I'm making this stuff up and geez I see the old 2nd grade teacher in me pulling out the lesson planning sheets. Alright, alright ... fun and games. Let's see.


Think of all the games and things you do for fun ... in your real life.

1. play with the cat
2. giggle to myself
3. do a jig on the ledge
4. laughing yoga
5. tickle Pete
6. make funny faces in the basement bathroom window

Oh, oh ... nothing left on my list (fun life)... I'm gonna need to play more attention.

What do you do just for fun? I need some help here some ideas!


Susie Collins said...

1. Play with the cat (I'm a copy cat).
2. Wiggle my fingers in the ponds and make the comets come to the surface and give me fish kisses.
3. Feed the chickens fresh tomatoes.
4. Let my hubs tease me silly, LOL.
5. Chat at The Canary Report network.

Mokihana and Pete said...

Susie! Lucky chickens. And yah, 'Chat at The Canary Report network is fun. My old dear says his favorite past-time is making me laugh!

More fun today (an 'ole day)