Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Silliness

The 'ole days and nights of the moon just passed must have really shaken up my hard drive. Thank the gods! All this cleaning and clearing space is transferring some good over this way. So many files of seriousness gets to be too much.

Late last night (about 8:40Pm on the ledge) something drew me to The Canary Report Forum ... 'CHAT' ... something fun ... something sorta new to me this internet social community thing ... there were a few folks there ... two friends ... one old, familiar to me and one a new friend. I jumped in.

Here's the bit that is inspiring me to turn part of every Sunday into Sunday Silliness. By the time I turned the compooter over to Pete for his go round on the cyber-hiway there was just a whole lot of sillines going on there! Goofiness and going back and forth with nothing serious. Oh the shear fun of things that came from folks who live with very, very, very, serious and serious sensitivities.


"What do you call a rabbits walking backwards?"

A receding hare line!

While you're thinking of something silly ... do a bunch of laughing yoga. Laugh out loud .... ha, ha, ha,ha, ha.

"What did the ocean say to the beach?"

Nothing. Just wave.

Hmmmm. This is gonna take some practice. Okay, more laughing yoga ......... ha, ha ha, ha, .....

Pete is helping me with this exercise(occupying the futon, under the covers), this One Minute of Silliness.

"Okay, if you start this you can't go back?"

"Ha?" I'm taken back a step.

"Everyday, you're gonna need silliness EVERYYDAY."

"REALLY?" oH my god, I was caught by the serious demons .... I get it, I get it.

Do a little more laughing yoga .... ha, ha, ha!!!!!

Oh, ho, ohhh ... one of my very funny, sweet and saucy friends Leslie R over at Oko Box has one of the giggliest photo and post with comments about HUGE SUNFLOWERS. Click here to go there.

Your first dose of Sunday Silliness from the Ledge in the Woods inside VardoForTwo.

Now ... you go

Photo Credits above: Laughing Hyena and Maitrey laughing buddha

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linda said...

Here's more for you:

Serious and Silly Play Hide and Seek and Find God

Susie Collins said...

LOL. I'm telling you I laugh so hard on our Canary Report chat sometimes I make the cat jump. And yet interspersed with our silliness is the sharing of support and information, the stuff that gets you through a tough day or long night. I am SO happy that you found us! As luck would have it, I'd gone to bed early that night and missed your visit. But there is usually a group online yukking it up every night into the wee hours. So stop by! And our scheduled group chats are on Sundays at 3p Eastern Time and Wednesdays at 9p Eastern Time. Aloha to you Mokihana! Susie xoxo

Mokihana and Pete said...

Linda and Susie,

I'll go to the silly and serious link ... god do I need the balance of that in my whirl. Thanks for that Linda.

Susie: Yup, those chats are becoming a new kind of social network i could never had imagined back in the day. So much to learn in this reassembling life. Can't be too late to teach this old dog new tricks, yes?

It's great to get the giggles going to move the serious out wherever it needs to go to be UPCYCLED (lol to our friend the Oko girl .... hee,hee)

Wheww, i need this!

Mokihana and Pete said...


Silly and Serious are all time good fun ... geez what a great link. I've added it to our sidebar under "Earth Sourcery" because it is just the thing for games that matter!!!!

Yahoo(oops, copyright?)...

linda said...

Silly and Serious have indeed had a few good romps around what matters in life.

I'm glad it came up in my memory during the chat - how could it not?

Our chats can change from serious to silly and back and forth again as fast as our MCSed minds do.

It's a great dance to have in our repertoire.