Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The search continues during Mercury in retrograde

We are back on the ledge after a whirl of a scouting trip. The good news is: we have found a wonderful friend with a generous and understanding heart. Friend was willing to let us plug into her electricity and park temporarily. The bad news is: the mold and burning in the area are a double whammy of a no-go for us. Both Pete and I were infused with the potential for FUN with this new friend living with MCS ... FUN, that is an important slice of life missing in this journey. So, you can see the glee we felt when we met and visited, got to know and like this new friend. The grief of recognizing that her friendship was not enough to dry up the mold or clear the air of smoke from home fires, outdoor burns/slash burns is something that comes with the search for safe housing.

I was losing faith this morning, stuck in the mud and reaching for answers. On the New Moon just passed (that would have been Friday, the 18th when we set off on our scouting trip) we affirmed "attachment to allies who would welcome us in this coming while." We found them in our Oregon friend and her friends ... My favorite astrologer, friend and ally turned down my money today, when I emailed her about a consultation. Instead she reminded me that Mercury, the planet of communication is still in retrograde (and will be until September 29th). Paraphrasing her, universally everyone must work double over-time to make things work and even then things will be late. Elsa said "So keep your faith and your money." That's why I count her as an ally, and we can take that communication and get on with our life, and our search.

So, today we are waxing the outside of the vardo, Pete has taken the garden boxes apart, and I keep communicating and connecting with potential allies for all I'm worth. We're doing what we need to do to prepare ourselves for a wonderful journey to our next encampment. We're on the journey to find wonderful allies and a safe winter space for us. If you have ideas, allies or a safe winter space ... we're in the market! Tomorrow Uranus (planet of sudden changes) has a thing with Mercury ... so sudden, unexpected communication happens tomorrow. Hope this is great news tomorrow.

Love this life!!xxoo M


linda said...

I found an interesting link you might be able to use somehow:

Mokihana and Pete said...

linda, is that your cat? thanks for the link i'll ck it out. lost connection last nite with chat ... no signal. oh boy.

linda said...

Yes, it's one of my cats
: )