Wednesday, September 9, 2009

'OLE Days of the Hawaiian Moon Calendar: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


(whoops, there was a slip in my brain and I have corrected that ... 'ole days start today, Wednesday and last through Friday ... oh my ... mistakes happen ... :))

The three day and nights of the Hawaiian Moon Calendar begin today. We review, revisit and weed through the doings and thoughts of the past active weeks during these 'ole days. If you are a new visitor this is a practice Pete and I observe to honor our connection to the energy of Mahina (the moon). Click on this if you'd like to read a good bit and commentary on ElsaElsa about the value of the Moon and Culture/Roots.

Here's a snip of what Elsa has to say about Moon Energy:

"I have written before how our culture worships solar energy and devalues the Moon. This is a major mistake. Whether you like it or not you come from a clan and your roots go back and I mean WAAAAY back."

Gods willing and navigational tools intact, we will be on our Oregon coast winter home-scouting trip for a few days ... wish us luck and send prayers for "right space, right place, right people" our way.

If you haven't read Wood Crafting, my eco-fairy tale/kahea for the times go to the sidebar and find the 11 installments of Part I "The Covey" just there ... to the right.

A hui hou,
Mokihana and Pete


Anonymous said...

thank you again...pisces/capricorn

Helps with intuitive changes I feel going on...with my sun sign in pisces watery underworld with strong cap influence rising (saved me more the once) the moon is HUGE

Mokihana and Pete said...


Glad to hear it. I have great respect for Pisces energy, a calming watery strength that I relate to as I think of my Mom (who was the original Pisces in my life) and a good pal who shares that Sun, too.

And the moon ... yes, she is big.