Sunday, October 4, 2009

Astrology from the Makua O`o ... Jupiter the planet of luck, champion of dreams

Jupiter planet of luck, champion of dreams

Last evening tide, just before the sun set Pete and I took a short drive to make a cellphone call. A roadside spot five miles from the ledge, where a single straight grown fir rising so too do the bar of cellphone service rise. We were calling some pals letting them know we are preparing to venture south and east. These same pals were one of the first stops along the route of friends who had our backs when MCS was disassembling our old whirls. The pals weren't at home when we call, so we left a message.

In place of chatting with those friends we were blessed with a sun set and a moon rise of Harvest Luck. Last night's Harvest Moon was fully present, though not yet in her full illumination because at the same time in the west the sun was electrifying the sky. A very busy and bristly common brown squirrel bounced on the branches of a wild huckleberry outside Scout's window. The squirrel was oblivious to us, with much more important things to do for sure. What Pete and I count as a lucky break is the dual kick of moon and sun as a celebration blessing for all the hard work we have invested in the journey to create a life from Kolea Nani.

Jupiter has been brilliant in the night sky for weeks. This is the planet of expansion, luck and also considered the champion of dreams. Our home on two wheels was born from dreams. Jupiter plays prominently in my natal astrology with the planet of dreams parked at birth in my 11th house, the house where hopes and dreams, visions and connection live... this is a double whammy of dreaming as a source of knowing for me. I posted the article about the difference between learning and knowing yesterday. It was a way for me to put thoughts on the wall that I know ... a faith-based activity. The gift of a sunset and moonrise simultaneously are Jupiter and sun and moon together an indicator of dreams coming true.

We are packing up Kolea Nani and heading for the pass. We are going to Oregon to join our MCS friends in the next stage of community building. It's been a process of back and forth, ups and downs just like that common brown squirrel, we have been preparing for winter!

It's a 9 out of 10 win-win situation:

1. It's sunny. (light is important for Island people!)
2. We're being welcomed. (thank you!)
3. Our friends 'get' what MCS is about. (one of them lives with MCS)
4. It's dry.
5. There's electrical hook-ups for both pairs.
6. The air is clean.
7. There's work for us to do there. (our friends build tiny safe homes!)
8. It's affordable. (we can share resources)
9. We help our friends build the shared kitchen and bathroom we both need for winter.

What's missing? Heat, so Pete will have to wear socks and maybe something more than shorts. The ocean. ( just three hours away).

We started this search in July, and we're new to this kind of search. It is kinda new because we know more than when we were trying to outrun the environment. We know MCS exists and we know what things/experiences/chemicals/actions cause it. That makes the search a conscious one. The astrology of our search does include the influences of ancient wisdom that goes beyond learning and that's the influence I like to call "Earth Sourcery and Cosmic Wisdom." This life of our from Kolea Nani is all about learning and knowing. My Hawaiian tradition led me to remember that the practice of such earth sourcery and cosmic wisdom was passed along with 9 life tools. I'll end this post with those tools and give thanks to my ancestors for passing them to me.

We have our friends here who have shared their ledge with us to thank for their willingness to and generosity. It has counted for much, and we hope we have shared equally in the process.

What are the basic life tools of Makua O`o?

  1. Keep a keen sense of observation … NOTICE
  2. Listen … with your whole body LISTEN RESPECTFULLY
  3. Do your best in all things … BELIEVE YOUR BEST IS ENOUGH.
  4. Know that wisdom is found in many places … SOFTEN THE GROUND OF YOUR BEING
  5. Question for clarity when making decisions … ASK
  6. Practice patience and endurance TIMING IS DIVINE
  7. Engage in good health practices CARE
  8. Feel the heartbeat of the culture SENSE YOUR PLACE
  9. Believe in Ke Akua, for this higher power makes all life possible … WE ARE NEVER ALONE

Where is Jupiter in your chart? Do you count yourself lucky?


Erik said...

I hope this new space works out for you :)

Liberty said...

hi M&P

I don't have the brain to learn astrology just now so I can't answer about Jupiter but I am SO glad/happy to read that you have found a place to winter!!! this is wonderful news and I wish you all the best.

may you be as warm as possible with as clean air as possible :-)

written while wearing 3 pairs of socks, long underwear, jeans, 3 warm tops up in chilly Ontario

Mokihana and Pete said...


Thanks for the good wishes!


Jupiter is there for everybody. Thanks for the encouragement and we will need lots of warm clothes and socks.

Mahalo friends, M & P

Joan Tucker said...

Moki and Pete, Great news about a place to be! Wear that long underwear.. it always worked before. Hope it is wonderful.. especially the sun .

Our good wishes are on the winds to follow you to new ledge where you can continue to heal and be reassembled.. Joan T and Lana W

Mokihana and Pete said...

Thank you so much. Mahalo plenty to you two gals. We will wear the long johns (maybe double!)and we too hope for the wonder and the sun in winter.

Take care of yourselves, too. Hope the knee is recovering well. Reassembling is a good thing, i think.

Mokihana and Pete