Thursday, October 8, 2009


In ordinary times, I don't post during the 'ole nights and days of the Hawaiian Moon Calendar. These are not ordinary times. Tomorrow, Friday October 9th, the United States is scheduled to bomb the moon. I learned of this yesterday evening ... it was almost more than I could believe.

It is too late to sign a petition to protest the insanity of that decision, what will it take to stop the actions of power mongers with no sense of the original seed of Grace? What I did find is an article that includes both the idiocy and the rationale for the bombing; and a statement, a collection of prayers that I have snipped and posted below.

The moon, Mahina is the feminine signature the balance to Sun-driven rage that is gone way over the edge. The Universe watches, the celestial bodies will take note and prayers for the Moon are necessary to balance the hewa (wrong-doing) about to be committed by the United States. It matters that the mortals who care for the seed of Grace and balance act in the Moon's behalf.

Here is the message for all who care for the Moon, and the Grace of balance, that appeared on The Register on October 7, 2009. I will be soothing the moon, and sending prayers tomorrow. Send your prayers conned or outloud to Mahina. She is not a celestial bull's eye, she is the guardian of nurturance and she is at risk.

We must soothe the Moon, we bandage her. We implore other celestial bodies and entities to aid her. We will not let her endure this crime or its grim aftermath alone.

We need to communicate to the Moon. Talk to her in our dreams, trances, or meditations, and prepare her for this shock and wound as best we can. Hold her, send out imaginative protection to her, and put our dream bodies out there in front of the bomb. Collectively, we can sabotage the bombing or by imagining all manner of things going wrong, or encouraging the Moon to increase her own magnetic shields. Sing to her. Give her back just a tiny portion of all that she has done for us. We are all created from Moon dust.

Link to read the entire article: Stop NASA from bombing the moon:


Mokihana and Pete said...

My son emailed me to tell me that link at the bottom of the post was not working.

Fixed it!

Joy said...

I, too, was distressed and horrified at this bombing of the moon. Our sacred sister who has given so much beauty to this planet is forever maimed.

What was really shocking is that nobody seemed to mind, there was very little in the way of protest. And they sprung it on everyone right when they were about to do it, so nobody could have any real input. WHO gave them permission to bomb the moon? The moon belongs to the whole of humanity. What a disgusting thing to do. I am very disappointed in our government, allowing such a thing to happen.