Friday, October 16, 2009

There's always something

Here is the beautiful dandelion wagon in the newest encampment on Earth. The view of the Oregon mountains in the distance is the sight we are blessed with from the torii-shaped windows.

The evidence of folks living from the tiny golden wagon.

Adjusting to our field life has been a daily and sometimes moment to moment thing ... our three step porch was left behind, back on the Ledge. There was no room to tote it in Bernadette. Instead, the collapsible plastic ladder first acquired in Manoa Valley back home on O'ahu serves as transition.

The basket hanging off the front porch is filled with tiny fairy lights, a string of them give off just enough illumination at night and mark our little home as we listen to the coyote calls near-by.

Ah ... fortunately grand stores of humor were not left behind as I watched my dear Pete turning the explosive sizzle of our old and trusty single burner hotplate into a spontaneous sort of swing reminiscent of his days as an altar boy dousing the church aisle with frankincense ...

Our very mini version of a kitchen works from the outlet just outside the door producing hot water for tea and toasted bread with coconut butter a nice way to break the fast.

Traveller's Tips:
Always have a back-up hotplate for times like this. We had one already purchased this summer, it was out-gassed and ready to replace the sizzled one, for hot tea is a pleasure to be taken with seriousness.

Pete is readying himself for a day of work on Leslie's tiny house. I'm to spend some time alone, recuperating a bit more from an over-dose of exposure to too much Ponderosa Pine. Bend is a very different clim and the natural environment will test my body's ability to be with it.

The pines, the sage and the juniper are all highly volatile in essential oils. With some good luck, rest and timely treatments using NAET I hope to make the adjustments necessary to live with this place.

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