Friday, October 2, 2009

Astrology from the Vardo: LIBRA MATTERS ... MANNERS MATTER

The sun is in the sign of Libra and has been since September 22, just after the Equinox when the Earth has equal exposure to the sun and moon ... equal parts dark and light. I have just spent time visiting some of my other ether-spots thanks to my trusty laptop. I've opened up my email and found a sweet communication from a nearly-lost connection with a treasured daughter, linked yesterday's MOON, MOON HARVEST MOON post to The Canary Report Group 'Eyes on the Sky' and got my first dose of ElsaElsa astrological heads-up for the day.

Late last night before climbing under the covers I was hit with one of those toxic influences that is sometimes impossible to avoid. Rather than a chemical hit from a caustic drain opener or the neighbor's BBQ or drier sheet, toxic influences can come from words or images of threat or maligning. The issue of the insensitive and ignorant commentary about our outside kitchen living came up, again, just before I was pulling the sheets over my head. That's the risk of sharing the laptop in the confines of a micro space. Pete was net surfing and hit that submerged rock (surfers will know the anology ... know where the rocks are before you catch the wave)Short story ... the toxic hit affected both of us, again and opened a wound.

To defend and calm myself so I could open to the peace of a healing night of sleep, I asked Pete to please leave the issue for the night, let us sleep on it and take no action. Grace did come to us, I slept and was granted a gentle and healing dream. There's no need to be explicit, for those who read here, you know that I am a Hawaiian dreamer with the ability to receive deep insight through the dream. I am thankful the gods bless me with that vehicle.

After my first cup of three-leaf tea (three fresh sprigs of our pepppermint) and sunflower nut butter on toast I began my morning rounds of the net ... , I went to work. Or more astrologically, Libra had found a way to work within me. The sun is in the sky of Libra the balance-maker. I am blessed with a Libra Sun son and Pete the Cancer Moon Man is also a Moon in Libra Native. When Pete and I went to sleep our sense of security was thin: we have no next place to be for the winter, our welcome is wearing thin, and the toxic commentary from that other blog was weighing too heavily on the scale. The dream of balance that came for me, and the Libra Moon that is Pete's native moon of birth have blessed us with the grace of knowing this today: MANNERS MATTER.

An old article reposted on today was the astrology that offers this old goat (Capricorn moon) the next ledge to leap upon. Living with MCS makes us angry a lot. There are so many incidents that can easily goad the goat in me or amp up the Scorpio Sun energy of distrust and amputation. Normally, Pete and I will find a balance and the courage to transcend adverse situations. But the thing is 'what is normal'? And, new normal changes regularly. Elsa's blog and the commentary that began a while ago, continued today and it was about LIBRA: quotes from Libra notables and celebs and thoughts from the collective who visit Elsa's place.

This clip from that article and commentary thread includes a few quotes from Oscar Wilde, a fine Libra Native. These made me laugh at my self, and I share them here (thanks Spidermoon)

Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much.
I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.
I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.
I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.
It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious...

So what do I get from the Libra energy that is present in the sky and here for all to draw on?

  1. Manners matter. I will need friends and allies, and will need to learn to play fair.
  2. I can't afford to burn bridges at my age. My life is full enough as it is, and the energy I do have must be directed with aloha.
  3. Choose my battles. Period.
  4. Saturn will move into Saturn at the end of October, and if I haven't learned manners, I'll get more chances for a good long while. Saturn will be in Libra for weeks or months. Yikes! Saturn plays heavily in my chart so I will be watched.
Do manners matter in your world?

Photo: The Golden Scales from Wiki Public Domain


Joan Tucker said...

Manners?? My read on this..
I get hot and irritated at invasions of my turf and safety. I have territorial issues and I have always found these issues to be dangerous turf. Yet more and more I breathe in and out and remember how very short this life is and how my issue is not someone else's and that maybe just maybe they are unaware of what is me off. Occasionally as of late this approach has been positive for me.

My worry and anxiety.. big issues for me translate into social situations which could be seen as
brisk or crisp not mannerly yet underneath I am quite concerned with my fellow humans and do not like being seen as not concerned or mannerly.

All of this rambling is directed at the process of letting go and slowly allowing that which I do not like or understand or can tolerate be present- in spite of my stated preferences.

For me this is a big deal.. in other words how do you live in harmony and balance in peace when socially, politically and environmentally things are not to your liking.

I keep seeking peace.. not a wimpy peace but a strong peace.. a way to co exist and yet not lose my values in the process.

My Taurus and Libra selves have a lot of dancing to
do to stay well and centered. I am learning very slowly and awkwardly how to be.
I wish you peace and success in your journey to find safety and balance. JT

Mokihana and Pete said...

Mahalo, yah, I'm with you on the 'hot and irritated at invasions' I too have and still do have issues with the invasions. Life with MCS has crushed me up against my old M.O. and in the process the gods and the sky have come to offer me another go at it. (Mokihana's passing is helping a heap I'll tell you.)

I never realized you have Libra placement in your chart. A new insight ... thank you. So that would be a Libra moon?

It is a big deal to live in harmony and balance while the social, political and environment status quo goes to hell. Astrologically Pluto in Capricorn is there for 12 yrs, and the breakdown is non-stoppable.

For what it's worth the life we do have left here on Earth does include such valuable insights and with the ability to transform and pair up (I know how excellent your ally formations have been in the past) something (who knows exactly) will be left behind.

I suspect, the art you and L create is a vessel for that good, and I pray for the strength to see how far Pete and I have come as examples of a reassembled reality.

Joan Tucker said...


more gyspsies