Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Aloha Friday

Back on the Islands (the Hawaiian chain) it is "Aloha Friday."  Or at least, that's what the old Don Ho song reminds us.  Thanks to our local community public radio KSER, Pete and I enjoyed an hour of island music including the nahenahe (oh, so delightful) sounds of Darlene Ahuna and Keali`i Reichel.  An hour of music like that can calm and soothe even while it makes us homesick for white sandy beaches, warm water and family and friends. 

Ruby the old fav Sony laptop will not revive.  I have posted discussion on both The Canary Report and Planet Thrive asking for replacement feedback, suggestions and experiences from other folks with MCS.  A few people are saying a conversion from a PC to MAC made a positive difference for them; others have been very creative about designing their computing set-up to accomodate their sensitivities.  If you are interested in reading the threads of commentary, I've linked them:

Here:  The Canary Report Forum
Here:  Planet Thrive Forum

I'm standing in front of L's computer in our basement space, while Pete runs a hot shower.  The rain is thick here in Everett slanting in from the harbor while the remote controlled conveyor belt next door shoots gravel into the building site where once the old 1920's home once sat.  Life continues just as it is, Mercury is slowing moving from its retrograde, the New Moon in Capricorn is now in "Muku" phase, JOTS is nestled onto a stack of Pete's clean clothes and the Westies upstairs are making their presence know ... 'bark, bark.'

We are slowly adjusting to life just as it is, and that is a very big thing. 

Happy Aloha Friday where EVER you find yourself.
Mokihana, Pete and JOTS


Susie Collins said...

Aloha Mokihana, Thanks for sharing the thread with your readers! I hope you'll find a safe solution soon. I thought Erik's own solution of having the pc OUTSIDE with only keyboard and mouse inside was pretty wild. By the way, I spilled a cup of tea on a NEW laptop, killed it dead, luckily still under warrantee, but it's never been as fast as it was before the green tea blessing. Now, HUGE rule: no drinking tea when on laptop! Yup, it's Aloha Friday in Hawaii Nei! Yippee! Enjoy your weekend, stay warm and dry. Aloha, Susie

Mokihana and Pete said...

Tea has no sympathy for the keyboard, so yes, we are doing the HUGE rule, too. Enjoy that Friday, tita. We are warm, dry (well, with lots of clothes ... kinda like Hamakua, but colder!)
Aloha, Mokihana