Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year ... more stories ... Book II of Wood Crafting

A new year begins, refreshed by the winds that rocked our vardo (I was asleep to it!) and the accompanying rains 2010 is here with ions new and what a blessing!

There is a new book begun in installments at Wood Crafting the Tale. This one, a second of maybe a trilogy, or more the muse will keep me posted. Inspired by the natural course of events in our VardoForTwo life, the fairy tales and full-length stories on Wood Crafting the tale are my stitchery, cross-stitching and knitting equivalents. I find comfort and solace in seeing the story unfold knowing only a bit of the plot to begin. Much like the recipes (or lack of one) that I use to cook the thousands of meals over the past sixty years, there is a general taste I'm after and then there is the rest of it.

It's a fun way to begin the new year. Tandalori the crone is quite the character, hybrid of many characters in and not of my own life. Click here to read the first installment of the chapter "The Nectar of Place."

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