Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Ruby (the laptop) has died

Ruby, our trusted old laptop is washed-out.  I did tip my morning cup of tea water all over her, and our twenty-four hours of first-aid hasn't brought her back.  Talk about your Mercury in retrograde episode.  Things will slow up here at VardoForTwo and the other flock of blogs as we figure out what's next.  Borrowing my pal L's computer to let you all know the scoops.

Pete's shopping around for new, and the possibilities of a used might work though fragranced fingertips and smelly former environments are usually a deal buster.  We'd love to know what you experiences with shopping and finding a laptop are.

Any ideas about:
  • what laptops work well for you with MCS
  • what has worked well for out-gassing new computers
  • any sources for a good laptop
  • any feedback on the screen clarity and experiences with emissions

Our wishlist for a 'Ruby II':

1.  includes a DVD for watching movies
2.  upgraded software so loading photos is possible on the blogs
3.  as large a screen as laptops can get
4.  off-gassed parts
5.  a P.C. rather than a MAC
6.  a quiet operating machine (Ruby is a Vaio by Sony, and has been such a quiet machine for 10 yrs!)
7.  a laptop that doesn't get hot when operating (that just adds to the off-gassing issues and inside a tiny space ie. our VardoForTwo ... that is trouble.)

We'd love to hear from you with ideas and experiences with your laptops; and what you did to replace it when it was time.


Joan Tucker said...

Lana says- take the battery out, turn upside down and dry for 72 hours with a fan on her . Taking the battery out is important.

Mokihana and Pete said...

HI Jt and Lana,
Pete did that for 24 hours, I'm trying another 24 and see what happens.

linda said...

I have no advice, but can offer my wishes that you find a safe and reliable solution.

Mokihana and Pete said...

Thank you for the positive wishes.