Saturday, January 2, 2010

Once again with the Moon

The lunar nodes are the orbital nodes of the Moon, that is, the points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic (which is the apparent path of the Sun across the heavens against the background stars). The ascending node (the north node) is where the moon crosses to the north of the ecliptic. The descending node is where it crosses to the south (south node).

-graphics and definition from Wikipedia

Neptune had been opposing Mars in my chart for two years, and now the opposition is over. I know this doesn't sound very 'astrology right'. I'm not sure when that opposition ended I just know I feel the difference and when I look back at my chart reading(s) the opposition either ended just before Christmas or is ending real soon. Okay, so I have some grace period here maybe. I wrote about that opposition a while back, noting how the opposition began when Pete and I were without a settled home, wanderers bedded in our car, parked 'in Paradise' living a nightmare, poisoned by pesticides, eating plate lunches and feeling desperately out of control.
Where is she going with this? I ask myself that same question, and that's exactly the question Pete and I have been asking since (and before that) the planet of illusions and watery reality/ever shifting (Neptune) began challenging the flow of Mars the planet of action. Throughout the year, as I try to understand my place in the universe, it's been the Moon that offered consolation and comfort when all else failed. With the new year begun, the Blue Moon passed, my kinship with Mahina grows stronger. She offers such accessibility, changing nightly, I feel less vulnerable knowing she goes through phases, too.

NODES OF THE MOON (as in astrology the North Node and South Node) has captured my attention, and I'm discovering new ways to look at the nodes in an astrological chart. The graphic above and the brief explanation from Wikipedia give a scientific view of what the nodes are. I spent hours clicking and reading, reading and chewing on the astrological interpretations of the North and South Nodes. Elizabeth Spring has another treasure chest of moon study and node revelations that can be found here. Donna Cunningham has been visiting and commenting generously on VardoForTwo, sharing awesome bits and gems with me (us!) Lucky us. Donna recommended the work of Dane Rudhyar as a place for me to explore and learn more about la luna. I'm tossing a snip from an article written about Dane Rudhyar, an astrology who has greatly influenced the study and understanding of this earth-school navigational tool. The entire article is readable by clicking here, and it's some fascinating stuff. My mining adventures with astrology continue. This line from the article cinched my love for Mahina (the moon).

The Moon is the intermediary between Earth and Sun, humanity and Spirit. Recognizing that the lunation cycle reflects the soli-lunar relationship as seen from Earth, the Moon through her phases reflects the Sun’s light in a digestible way that won’t blind us.


Joan Tucker said...

Moki, I have a special gift for you for 2010; it is coming to me in the mail from a special place. I need a PO address or D and L 's address so I can mail to you. I think you will like it. Email address to my email address. JT

Mokihana and Pete said...

Surprises! Okay JT I'll email you.