Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time for thank you: Mahalo kakou

Many earth people, and traditions which value the connection of humans to all that is recognize the power of  prayer.  Beautifully crafted, embellished and enriched with song, drumming, dance or simply stated aloud or silently there is power in the word.  One of the most powerful prayers is simply "Thank you." All around us we see the evidence of structures being restructured/disassembled both on the collective and large-scale as well as on the personal and intimate levels.  The cosmic reordering can be explained (if that is a fit word) by seeing how the planets (Pluto and Saturn in particular, though other personal planets will play a role as well.  In our world, Pete and I are being reassembled at very basic levels.  I received my first Social Security Check today:  good news!  The check however, is made out to someone I 'once was' (a former married name); and though I worked on getting this change made to the federal government system my efforts and the 'system' still need to connect at the right place.  Short story:  I will need to keep working at it.  This process of being 'reassembled' is the theme of my fairy tale WOOD CRAFTING.  The characters and the setting are a blend of other-worldliness and our world.  In our real world though, the only way to be reassembled is to be DIS-assembled first.  That means, you gotta forget a lot of what you thought/did/believed before the new can be rebuilt.  I heard something on the radio yesterday while driving south from a special day in Skagit County.  In gently supportive context one woman said to the other, "Things are hard in the beginning."  It clicked a switch inside me and I felt the message at a deeply relevant place.  Things are hard in the beginning of most things whether it's learning to tie your first shoes or learning to live without gasoline or money to pay a mortgage.  It helps me to remember to take time to pray, and today it helps for me to say "Thank you."  It's a habit I have let slide, so today I pick it up again.

I'm closing in on my physical limit at the computer and the temptation to keeping spilling onto the page is a strong urge.  Still, I know it's better that I stop soon.  This is a post of thanks, mahalo kakou (a collective thank you) before the 'Ole Cycles (a time of no new posts for one thing) begin tomorrow.  Wonderful people and situations do surround me and my heart is filled with gratitude.  Here are my thank yous.

1.  Thank you to all the Followers and readers (newly come, and long-time readers) who stop to read our blog.
2.  Thank you JT and Lana for the beautiful prints created by Rima Staines.  They are off-gassing nicely here in the basement and we get to see them every day.
3.  Thank you D and L for the friendship and space here in Everett.
4.  Thank you 'B' for letting us camp on the strip of lawn between the two settled houses.
5.  Thank you folks from Transitional Everett for welcoming us into your circle; especially Hal for playing his harmonica in our basement what a treat!
6.  Thank you K for your support through the uncertainty of life with MCS.
7.  Thank you Christopher for the Wonder Wash.  It's making a difference in my clothes washing routines.
8.  Thank you to the folks at our Sno-Isle Cooperative for being there and being friendly and relatively 'stink-free.'
9.  Thank you JOTS for the furry feline love you share simply being a kitty.
10.  Thank you Pete for being part of my journey.


Joan Tucker said...

Moki, Thanks for sharing your journey; each of us has a story.. good, hard, easy, complicated, sad ..whatever and the sharing of those stories seems to make us all more human... so thank you. I wish easier and more joyful times in the months to come for you and Pete.

From a crow to a canary, a hui ho, JT

Mokihana and Pete said...

that's such a nice way of saying it. (jots is occupying my left arm,shouler and ther's no two-handing it...)you're so well.

we like dem crows!