Friday, January 8, 2010

A nest of a home: Chiron in the house

The 'Ole Days and Night of the Moon have been full.  Though no new projects is the practice we have learned  there are many kinds of weeding and tending/patching and follow-up on the things already in the works. Different things need tending during the winter then in the spring.  What has captured my attention during the three nights of the 'Ole Moon is the effect of the asteroid CHIRON ... the mythological wounded healer that has been making its way through the zodiac in very close company with the planets NEPTUNE and JUPITER.

The link above will take you to a beautifully crafted article by astrology and writer Joyce Mason.  Discovering her work (thanks to Donna Cunningham, again for the navigational tip!) is a perfect example of the sort of nesting work that is perfect for 'Ole Moon weeding and winter time internal restoration.
Now, back to the combined effect of the Planet NEPTUNE (one who among other things dissolves boundaries) with the JUPITER (the quick change artist/bringer of lucky breaks) and tiny yet powerfully influential CHIRON (the wounded healer) in my life. After more than sixty cycles of life revolving around the Sun, a very deeply seeded wound is being given a chance to be healed.  The ingredient of awareness comes at different times in a life-time, sometimes we're too young to recognize the nudge.  As we age, the habit of avoiding or denying digs in hiding because like any familiar bit like dust, a virus, a habit simply becomes part of the fabric of the nest.  Months ago, while Pete and I lived in the woods we began telling the story of our life 'On the Ledge.'  Through the real-life experience of finally having a safe haven a.k.a. our VardoForTwo, my Muse came to find comfort in that safe haven.  The Muse is my most powerful ally in the healing of wounds and has been for most of my later adults years.  This Muse is CHIRON manifest ... my internal midwwife, healer and storyteller and wound-mender transforming a life of flight into something magic.  The Muse fed me the story WOODCRAFTING, and I applied discipline and wrote.  (Jupiter governs publishing I have learned)  The fairy tale WOODCRAFTING is a dense thicket of plots and characters including the thread born from a tiny barnacle that becomes part of a larger beings beginning.  Small, over-looked and unheralded, the barnacle transmits its characteristics into a grand species of creation causing unexpected thought forms, leading to boundary breaking actions and ultimately revolutionary changes to the status quo.

Winter has definitely made room for CHIRON, beginning shortly before the Solstice when the walls of a faulty foundation of old beliefs about "responsibility to others" just would not and could not sustain my world any longer.  My undoing is leading me slowly forward, nest building for a spring to come.  No longer keeping secrets about my vulnerability, I have a choice to heal old patterns of coping with the fear of never being safe, or never being able to make the 'right' choices.  The season of in-dwelling and finding comfort can be just the thing I need to heal these old wounds more deeply.  Pausing to think of my next sentence, aware that I might have simply rambled on the page and gotten nowhere, I find this:  "this ain't no whine baby, who could know your real life if not you."

To be continued ...

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