Saturday, January 16, 2010

Life without a laptop

It's not so bad.  Okay, I miss the automatic rituals of setting up and logging onto the old keyboard.  It's a loss of my favorite distraction and primary connectivity.  What have I done to replace the hours at the keys and time searching, researching and reading other blogs?  Here's the shortlist:

1.  I share the basement PC.  JOTS is fully occupied on this computer chair ... I lean up against her warm paws.  She doesn't mind.  Pete is done for awhile, and L won't be down until much later.  Shared living expands its definition for the folks in VardoForTwo.

2.  I meditate a lot.  I own a very well-used portable cd player and headphones from one of our last plane rides between the Islands the Pacific Northwest.  Thanks to rechargeable batteries and that cd set-up I play two of my favorite meditation tapes at least twice (and sometimes more) each day for the past seven days since Ruby was washed-out. 

The cds are:  Deepak Chopra's Soul of Healing Meditations and "4 Route Relaxation Qi Gong"  I'm not sure where to lead you to get the "4 Route Relaxation Qi Gong".  It was a gift from a friend who practices the ancient movements.  Chopra's Soul of Meditation can be purchased through or at your local music center.  I totally love the "Soul of Meditation" cd.  I have been meditating with that man's voice for nearly two years and he has made such a positive impact on my sense of well-being.  The tape is approximately 45 and includes several segments beginning with a 5 minute focus on 'simply witnessing your breath."  The musical background is awesome Indian, melodic and mood-inducing.  If you are new to meditation the 45 minutes might seem very long.  What I found early on is I just drift away into sleep (I lie down while I'm meditating).  Some people would cluck their tongues at falling asleep while meditating, I say, if it's that relaxing, and I sleep then there you go! 

3.  There's time for new messages.  I found a very timely message from one of my favorite fairy messengers, Rainbow Tree.  Here site is on our blogroll on the side bar.  I've also credited Rainbow Tree with the entire post from her fairies, over at Makua O'o.  For now, the important message I got from the fairies through Rainbow Tree during my week without a laptop is written on a post-it-note that is not affecting me ill.  I'm thrilled.  The affirmation and positive message is posted at my eye level just as I face the front door.  It reads:

"I know wonderful people and situations surround me now.  My heart is filled with gratitude."

I tell myself exactly that, several times during a day and during the night; and each time I go out of the vardo; along with the excerpt a "Course in Miracles" included on the Soul of Healing Meditations that goes:

"Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle.  I relinquish all regrets, grievances and resentments and choose the miracle."

4.  There's still time to write at the keyboard (witness this post) though I am at the keys much less, and I suspect my body and the EMF that course through my system appreciate the break. 

Life in Everett goes on and I'm filled with gratitude.  What happens to your life without a laptop or computer? 


Liberty said...

I have found that 'life on the computer' really disconnects me from life in my present physical, emotional and spiritual reality.

I've been having increasing thoughts lately of going totally no-computer. Or perhaps only going on twice a month for a few hours.
I feel like computer has become the TV of the 21st century - with people spending hours and hours a day in front of it instead of engaging with our real world.

Someone posted on Planet Thrive about paring way down on computer time and this was part of my reply:

What has helped me somewhat has been getting into crafts more.
Also, if part of the computer experience is about connection with other people, writing letters to send in the real mail can be really satisfying. I encourage anyone sensitive to paper to try paper bleached without chlorine. Even better may be to try some of the tree-free papers (make sure they are also not bleached with chlorine).
With any paper, a large package/ream usually works better for me because I can then recycle or give away a number of pages from the top and bottom that are more store-smelly and still have a huge amount of paper leftover.

It's a wonderful feeling to send a letter in the mail and know that someone will enjoy getting mail!
If you like drawing or doodling at all, you could make little cards as well. A nice idea of something to write is a list of things you like about the person, positive ways they make you feel, things you admire about them etc. I think it can be good for our spirits to share love that way.

If it's to an MCS-person, the letter, after being folded, can be wrapped a few times in aluminum foil before inserting in envelope to prevent scents from getting into it during the mailing process. The envelope will stink but they can recycle it and enjoy reading the letter without it smelling.


Other things I enjoy doing when not on the computer are coloring, sewing, cooking experiments, gardening, reading, meditating, singing and dancing. I also enjoy looking out the window and seeing shapes in trees and clouds, watching squirrels and birds as well as actually going outside for little walks.

Mokihana and Pete said...


Thank you. As much as I have found solace and connection through the computer, I agree that it disconnects me from the real world. It's easy to do that when MCS closes down the access to things that were so normal before sensitivities.

Listening to our local radio station is another really wonderful way to enjoy time; dancing to that music in the tiny space of our vardo ... I just dance and when it's Hawaiian music, hula no ka oi (hula is the best!)

I see how nature or the universe intervenes when I will not take the steps to change habits. Today Pete and I joined our first community potluck with a group of twenty people talking about Transitional Towns, growing organic gardens (everywhere) and I shared briefly who were are, and that MCS is part of our reality. WOW! Without a laptop, life is out there asking to be joined.

"Wonderful people and situations surround me, and my heart is filled with gratitude."