Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Correction, Connections and Collaboration

A correction

We are back to ask Ruby to once again aide me in the compositions of word whirls and translations. Ruby, is our laptop long-provider of those steps and leaps from flitting thought to virtual page, and cyber-connections. For those of you who noticed, yes, the 'ole cycle that follows the Full Moon(s) is a three (and not a 4) day and night phase. Pete corrected my miss yesterday, so here we are ready to be productive after three days of restoration, rest, reconsiderations, recouping.


I had fun during the 'ole days, a very fitting way to rest and restore for a constant thinker like this old dear. In spite of the frigid temp outside I have been taking walks around our Everett city encampment. Bundled in my characteristic ball-shaped wrap, it's my round brown eyes and glasses that remain uncovered. My hand-made fleece scrap scarf serves me well when a sniff tells me dryer sheets! If I take myself into the frigid area after the sun's had a chance to warm things, the wood smoke is minimal and I enjoy the luxury of outdoor movement.

New to our side-bar are a few 'Earth Sourcery' links I enjoyed during the 'ole nights and days. These new virtual spaces include an Ecologicalartist and two new astrology blogs. Both the art forms fuel the need for gentle and creative forms of being with 'Aina (all the nourishes) with protocols and processes that require commitment. In our growing understanding of the Economy Wee, life from the golden wagon VardoForTwo happens inside a very small space while being with the great bigness of Earth.

Auntie Moon
Sky Writer


I'd also like to highlight two links that collaborate with the whole picture of being responsible, doing good, staying connected. War and Homelessness ... is happening in more places than ever. Both human conditions sadden and anger me in alternating moments. My heart breaks. Women to Women International is a new to VardoForTwo link. Real Change News Seattle is not a new link, but the story that's featured in this week's Real Change News is a good example of doing good closer to home.

Women to Women International

Helping women in war-torn countries rebuild their lives is the mission of Women to Women International. Similar to programs like Kiva, the concept of personalized giving makes Women to Women good work. More than a million men, women and children in the Middle Eastern Countries alone have been killed in the name and activity of war. I heard a song yesterday that says it all for me. The lyrics were, "I ain't gonna study war no more..."

Those of us who live daily lives of environmental refugees know a fraction of the despair and horror of life with military occupation and bombs. I know the emptiness of loss and sickeness that fills my being when I am exposed to the chemicals of 'normal American life'. Re-building lives is the common solution I share with the women (and men and children) who are living with the effects of war.

Real Change News Seattle

This article about a local partnership of good work, appears in the Seattle weekly newspaper focused on the issues of real life homelessness and activism/support in the largest Northwest city closest to our vardo encampment.

Constuction Co. Offers Winter weather gear. Here's a snip from that article. Click on the link to read the entire article.

"Ten years ago, Patti Dunn and Michael Grabham realized they had cooked too much food for their Thanksgiving dinner. They were living in the Eastlake area, and knew of two homeless men who sometimes slept nearby. They brought out the extra comestibles to these gentlemen. As the cold weather had already set in, the men also asked if they had any spare socks or bags to give as well. Patti and Michael saw the need for a new yearly routine...

If you're in the Seattle area and would like to contribute, click HERE to find out how to help out.

To finish up, you might like reading and being reminded of the freedom we each have. This from gypsy Woman.

What has fueled your inner fire, and inspired you during the three 'ole days and nights just passed?


JordanMayTwigs said...

I found your blog last night.
And wanted to say that this post really touched me in a personal way.

I live on the Jersey Shore.
But used to live in the city a few years ago.
And date someone who lives on the Lower East Side.
I have a lot of friends who are "squaters".
Who are either traveling kids.
Or just have no where to stay.

Also living on the Jersey Shore where my parents live there is a surge of homelessness.
Because of over development.
And eminant domain.

But isn't that how it always is??
Big up the rich and take down the poor.

Peace && Love

Mokihana and Pete said...

Welcome, JordanMay,

What a beautiful sounding name.

Homelessness is a big issue. Your description of the squatters and the traveller kids is another real story. Our friend that we live with now has talked about being on the Jersey shore when she was a kid.

Every one of us is just one step away from being without the 'real estate' that costs us all so much. Over development and the attitudes of entitlements leave little room for tending to the needs of all beings.

There are actions any one of us can take to reach across the gap and even things out. Thanks so much for your heartfelt thoughts. I did see that you are a FOLLOWER, and we do appreciate your time here at the golden wagon.

Much aloha and peace,