Sunday, December 6, 2009

'OLE DAYS AND NIGHTS OF THE MOON: Sunday through Wednesday

The four nights of the 'ole cycle according to Kaulana Mahina the Hawaiian Moon Calendar begin today. The unproductive, restoring, reviewing and repair times following the full moon are times for us to refrain from new posts here on the blog. There are plenty of links to discover more about Kaulana Mahina (on the sidebar).

A hui hou,
Mokihana and Pete

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Mokihana and Pete said...

My mistake ... this is a three day 'ole period. 'Ole Ku Kahi, 'Ole Ku Lua
'Ole Pau
(Twenty-first to twenty-third nights)

First, second and last `Ole nights. This is a time that is not recommended for planting or fishing. It is windy and tides will run high. Farmers use this time for weeding. `Ole pau and Kaloa kukahi are the kapu periods of the akua Kanaloa and Kaloa and offering are made with pule(prayer).

We will be back tomorrow, Wednesday, December 9th. Thanks, Pete for setting this wahine back on track.