Saturday, December 19, 2009

Energetic Jackhammering: some times, things have just gotta go!

Donna Cunningham is one seriously informed astrologist with plenty to say about using the energy of light working and astrology to implement a plan of well-being that works for you. The link below will take you to an article called "The Ultraviolet Jackhammer..a tool for demolishing negative beliefs." I used it an hour ago on the belief that "I will never have a safe home, a safe place to be." MCS is a complicated illness born from factors over which I have no control. Safe housing is an issue so many of us live with. For two years now, Pete and I have been growing a dream based on the belief that we could build a safe wee home of comfort. And yet, there are some things that are at work within me that just might benefit from a jackhammer. I tried the "Ultraviolet Jackhammer (with visualization and sound effects) and I liked it. I saw and felt that belief break up into dust and then by god, I couldn't make those sounds again. My sputter and hammering sound effects had gone kaput. There just wasn't any more to break down. While my body-mind-spirit are recovering from that dark night of the soul, I will need tools that get me over the gap and if parts of my former foundations (my beliefs, directions, underlying messages) really need to go ... a jackhammer might be the thing to do the job. I'm not sure if my therapist would agree that a jackhammer is part of the tool-kit for grief work. I know she's got a great sense of humor, so at the very least, the image might be cause for a giggle.

I will tell you truthfully I have never like jackhammers. Until now. It's one more of those things that go into my 'never say never' bucket. I know it's a simple and one time experience that doesn't count for a 'cure'. For now, the visualization is making room for new belief systems and supporting that Vitamin B 12 and Deproloft (Vit D and serotonin) plan at work for my well-being. From an astrological stand-point, I have major Capricorn working throughout my chart and my life (I have Moon in Capricorn, Capricorn was on the rise when I was born and Pluto is in Capricorn for another 13 yrs.). The article below begins with this:

"With Pluto’s recent entry into the sign Capricorn, some of that sign’s most incapacitating qualities have rapidly taken over mass consciousness. Many of us are focusing on fear and repetitive negative thoughts, anticipating the worst, and holding tight to rigid, crystallized strategies that may have worked over the years but won’t serve us in the current crisis. People with important placements in Capricorn (the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in that sign or several planets there) seem to be feeling it most acutely. Fear and negativity are highly contagious, and so those who live or work with–or especially for–Capricornians are absorbing their anxiety like second hand smoke..."

CLICK HERE for DONNA CUNNINGHAM'S article "The Ultraviolet Jackhammer ... a tool for demolishing negative beliefs"


Mokihana and Pete said...

Notes from the Vardo: Monday morning, I have been jackhammering beliefs over the weekend. I noticed how the jackhammering sound effects are also a very effective (though unconscious) long and natural exhalation. I was commenting to myself, "that is a good long exhalation." One of the things I learned during my years of yoga and yoga training is: exhalation is very important for lowering blood pressure. I didn't put the sound effect making and lowering blood pressure together until this morning when I took my blood pressure. I've been taking medication to lower my blood pressure since last fall. This morning my blood pressure was low ... very, very low. Somethings are happening.

Donna Cunningham said...

Hello, Folks, than you so much for writing about the jackhammer effect article on my blog. I worked with it extensively many months ago when I channeled it--was breaking up thought forms for days!!! Some of the ones I located in my energy field were very old and quite suprising. The work really did shift some old blocks.

Since then I am very conscious of how I can build new thought forms when I get hooked on the drama of certain kinds of negative thoughts. I can usually reel myself in quickly, but in the face of some of the recent turmoil related to the Mars station, it's harder.

Thanks for reminding me of my own words!! I'm gonna go sit down and scan the auric field again and make a whole lotta jackhammer noises. (Thanks for the tip about the exhaling--I do have high blood pressure and it's up now.)

My best wishes to you both. Donna Cunningham

Mokihana and Pete said...

Hi, Donna

It's great to hear from you here at the Vardo. I know what you mean about 'reminding me of my own words'. I write many things, and in fact keep these blogs going to have something I can refer to especially (though not exclusively) during times like this Mars and Neptune affect. "What did I say? What was I doing? and the big one for us lately during our wanderings ... "WHERE are we?"

The ultraviolet jackhammering is bringing down old foundations; and as the universe often does for me, there was an old house (built in the '20's) that was jackedUP and taken away to a new place in this town, and now a backhoe has broken down the old foundation (which was according to the operator) of concrete was not anchored to the old wooden home and was built (the foundation that is) sans rebar for today's reality. So that old foundation crumbled with applied force and was cleared away in a day!

I watched from the safety of my masked world and used the energy of that action to fuel my ultraviolet jackhammer. Now, I notice I need more rest. Energy work is hard work.

Thanks again, I am enjoying your writing and the hard work you've invested.


Mokihana and Pete said...

More notes from the vardo:
Sunday night: I'm at Ruby after a very nice, hot shower. I've been treated to music from my homeland thanks to our community supported radio station KSER, and a bit of Thistle and Shamrock from Scotland to soothe Pete's Celtic roots.

I was scanning my auric field, checking for thought forms that need tending. A couple did surface. I talked with them briefly, gave them no chair to get comfortable and applied the ultraviolet jackhammer to them. The note I need to leave is the vibration that comes when I do the sound effect. The vibration makes my nose tingle and itch. From the first session, I noted it and now I notice how it looses the front of my face from lower lip to nose and up the cheeks and third-eye (center of the eyebrows).

To avoid toxins/toxics I am always shielding my tiny nose and she is sometimes raw from the coverings. The sound effects and vibration is changing things somehow.

If any readers or followers of Donna's work have experiences to share, please let me know about them.