Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More about the Moon

It's the Eve's Eve. The Blue Moon approaching is fueling me with energy to complete and fill-out the year. The moon is in the sign of Gemini today, and it was there yesterday as well. I am learning that the moon makes her way through the twelve signs of the zodiac every two days. This year of 2009 has been a time of becoming more and more in tune with the energy of Mahina. Two years ago we received our first Hawaiian Moon Calendar ... a gift from my son. We were struggling with finding our place on the Planet, bouncing like birds who have recently lost the use of one wing, we were without inner or outer compasses or flight plans. The calendar was given with one suggestion, "No new projects on the 'ole moons." At the time I knew it must mean something because the conveyor of the message is a man of few words. We soon came to see what a vital bit of sustainable info that message was. In the ancient times and with many farmers and fisherfolk yet today, the 'ole moons are times to rewind, review and retrograde. That calendar reminded us to go with the flow of the moon, and not insist on acting when all the energy that surrounded us suggested something different.

Given the condition of our lives at the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008, the structure or boundaries given by the celestial skyscape became a treasure chest of coping skills a source of adjusting without losing the essential best of selves. We learned to use the 'ole nights as a time to double-check our choices for building materials/slow down our pace to make sure we weren't setting ourselves up to shoot ourselves in the foot/re-connect our emotional committments/note the gifts/grieve the losses and relax. Throughout the life of our blogging here on VardoForTwo and the flock of other blogs I maintain, the 'ole days and nights are times for no new posts. Instead, I visit other sites, do writing of another kind, turn more inside and see how I'm doing keeping my promises (to myself and to any others).

Today I visited one of my recent favorite bloggers Donna Cunningham, continuing to mine the treasure of information this teacher, astrology and writer has amassed in her 40 years of service. There is plenty there at Skywriter, and today I found this:

"Using the moon sign to your advantage" This article confirmed the feelings, and the energy I have to communicate. Gemini governs communication. Yesterday this same sense of needing to write (two good long posts, a very meaningful phone conversation with my counselor) and now there's still plenty of writing primed to spill onto the blog and a new story is ready to continue.

In yesterday's posts I thread a common theme, a pet theme for me for many years: adjusting rather than adapting. In my experiences of moving into and out of new environments for more than forty years, it's a great place to be when a gal gets that she can still remain a tropical wahine at heart, and just layer up with long underwear when the temperatures dip into the teens. Or, as my experiences with the challenges of living with MCS teach me that my physical condition is caused by low (and large) levels of toxic chemicals and require ADJUSTMENTS not ADAPTATION it is so helpful to enlist every source available and affordable to me. Astrology is one of those sources. Combining our established routine of observing and being in sync with the Moon energy during the 'ole cycles with being in sync with the daily moon signs is a next step, a next adjustment and coping skill that just might get me in the flow.

Donna Cunningham's article (with the link above) ends with this paragraph:

... People sometimes wonder how I get so much accomplished and yet work so little. One way that happens is that for all the years I’ve been involved with astrology, I’ve consciously worked with the energies of the current Moon sign rather than try to force my work into rigid agendas and to do lists. When I flow with the Moon, the work flows.

Click here to listen to Ella Fitzgerald singing BLUE MOON ... classy!

Click here to read the story of Jacki who will marry on the BLUE MOON ... precious and empowered by love!

Flowing, classy, precious and empowered what a wonderful wish for the BLUE MOON.
Love to you all, aloha nui loa kakou,
Mokihana and Pete


Jenny said...

Greetings Mokihana and Pete,
I came to your blog through a friend's post from Facebook, and I must say, you have given me much to ponder over. I too have MCS, it has been 3 1/2 years since my crash, and I am going through a period of searching within and grieving. I am having a hard time accepting the fact that this is really my life and not just a bad dream. Your comment about adjustments not adaptation is something I need to reflect on. I am also curious about the ole' moon ideas. I have done a quick Google search, but haven't been able to find more information on this, but I am very intriqued and will continue looking in the future. If you have any more information you can send my way about this, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing your writings.

Mokihana and Pete said...


Aloha. I'm so glad you have found us here. Coming to the place where as you wrote "the fact that this is really my life and not just a bad dream" is part of what we have been through as well. I think it is a normal place to come ... and perhaps we come here over and over again with more or less Grace, more or less acceptance, more or less grief.

I have written a lot about the strands of this journey with MCS and created a flock of blogs (see our side-bar) which may be stories that soothe or bring something of value to your search.

The 'ole (Hawaiian for "none" or "without")moon cycles are the nights of the thirty night moon cycles where no new projects or planting/fishing is done. If you explore our side-bar here on VardoForTwo, you will see the "HAWAIIAN MOON CALENDAR" is there with at least three or four different sights to visit.

Please come here as often it seems to offer you something that reminds you of your Grace, your essential self, that may have multiple chemical sensitivities, yet is not multiple chemical sensitivities.

Chew on the ideas, and know you are welcome to ask or comment with any things/thoughts that come up here or through personal email.

Take care.

Susie Collins said...

Aloha Mokihana, thank you for the shout out! (Though Jacki has had a bit of a set back with her groom-to-be.) We have loved the moon calendars you sent, we have one on the 'frig and one outside, they guide us about best times to plant and best times to rest, it's been wonderful! I wish you and Pete a Happy and Healthy 2010! Aloha, Susie xoxo

Amestress said...

Since getting MCS, I've become more attuned to nature. I'd never have considered the moon before in regard to undergoing fresh efforts, but the idea appeals to me now. Why fight powers greater than us? I love this post. I now know, having lost the ability to stand up or breathe easily in certain chemical situations, how much greater than us certain environmental powers can be!

Mokihana and Pete said...


So happy to know the Moon Calendar is finding a place in your life on the Hamakua Coast. You are so welcome, too for the connect to the Canary Report re. the issue of poverty (in the post "The Moon and The Time of Wee). And, the same good wishes of health and happiness with the new year approaching.

Hauoli Makahiki Hou,
Mokihana and Pete

Mokihana and Pete said...


It's wonderful you are inspired by the energy of the Moon. I love when a connection to the powers that are greater than us or greater than chemical assault is made. Your insightful comment is wonderful. Astrology is an ancient tool meant to aid the journey. Attending to the Moon is a simple and powerful practice of getting in the flow.

Happy and Healthy New Year to you!

Donna Cunningham, MSW said...

Hi, Mokihana, I love that saying about "No new projects on ole moons"--had never heard it before, but it's the sort of folk wisdom that turns out to be very true.

As you're in a learning mode where astrology is concerned, you might get a lot from Dane Rudhyar's Lunation Cycle. He calls the "ole Moon" the Balsamic phase, and finds it in the birth charts of visionaries.

He says it's a time of resting, dreaming, thinking about what has happened in the last cycle and getting ready for the next one.

Another kind of learning about the moon, since you're into gardening and such is the yearly Moon Sign calendar published by Llewellyn.

It gives best Moon signs for many home activities, and is based on folk and farmer observations over the centuries. Following it for planting and other home tasks really makes a difference.

YOu've entered so whole-heartedly into studying topics like these, Mokihana. It's fun to watch.

Donna Cunningham of skywriter

Mokihana and Pete said...

Thanks, Donna

I'm a hungry learner, and will definitely explore the new leads you suggest. The 'ole cycles are as ancient as the Hawaiian are ancient and I love that the 'ole cycles are also called "balsamic" ... that ought to lead to some tasty connections, ha!

Happy New Year,

Mokihana and Pete said...

I have just sought out information about Dane Rhudyar's Lunation Cycle ... this will take some study!

Here one link for any who may be curious as well: