Thursday, December 17, 2009

my local coop ROCKS

One of the best things about living in Everett, isn't the Kimberley Clarke paper mill. One of the best things about living in Everett is the SNO-ISLE FOOD COOP, just a couple dozen blocks south on this street of encampment. On a good day Pete is able to ride his bike with his back pack and pick up some goodies there at the Coop. On most days, I'm working on keeping clear and clean from the possible and probable chemical warfare from the peeps and the streets. Still, the proximity of this long standing and successful people-owned food cooperative is a very, very good thing for this town and this county.

We're keeping the holiday thing low-key, with gifts recycled treasured and i'm thinking about how to have a sidewalk solstice cider party for the neighbors around here. I've got two glass jugs of organic apple juice, cinnamon sticks and ...

What else goes into good homemade hot apple cider?

This post started out because we are putting together some Northwest treats for my son and his girlfriend. A jar of small batch made organic peanut butter called CB's PB (cool since my son's initials and small kid time nickname is 'CB) seems to call for some homemade jam or jelly to go with that. Our tiny kitchen setup doesn't make for jam making, so I thought ... 'CO-OP'.

While looking for homemade jam at the local coop I found this very cool link to a contest (already complete with winners!) for "my local coop ROCKS videos" The First Place video is very fun and filled with a great message. Click on the link and enjoy the bounty of a central Wisconsin winner. And, rather than buying jam off the shelf my friend Lois (from just outside my vardo window) called while I was finishing up this post. I asked her "Where would I find some local or homemade jams we could send to CB?" "Hmmm... wanna send him some of Christina's canned preserves? She puts all this stuff up every year what's she gonna do with it all!" So, the gift fairies are making magic with black berry jam to go with local organic peanut butter. Small delights, local treasures.

Things are lightening up, reaching out for help, surrendering to the reality of life as Human and peanut butter and jam sandwich makings for someone ya love.

And do tell me what you add to apple juice to make tasty hot apple cider, in the comments. Thanks!


Joan Tucker said...

M, pple or cider, cinnamon stick, a dash of allspice, tiny dash of nutmeg, honey and you can stick cloves in an orange and float it and simmer the whole thing in a crock pot or pot.
and I am very very glad to read this post today.. I hope you seek out support and get in the mood of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and yuletide solstice festivities from the sidewalk or the vardo window... joy joy. JT

Mokihana and Pete said...

Thanks for the ingredients tip, of course cloves in an orange and we always have a crock pot. Yes, I am reaching out and helping support, Vit B 12 shot, and working on the right dose of Vit D and seratonin rich herbs to raise the joy level. Those PB & Jam jars will cruise to Manoa. Thanks too for the Lacey good wishes.

Good things and good times to you and LW as the Solstice approaches.

Joan Tucker said...

Years ago Dr Vega gave me B12 shots and oh I was so grateful.. it helped make a slight shift.. hot cider with cinnamon helps too lol JT

Mokihana and Pete said...

I like the thought of that combination and will be making some hot cider for a Friday boost, today. A SLIGHT shift is feeling good to me. Thanks, I remember Dr. Vega

Joan Tucker said...

M, We went out and bought stuff for the Food Bank and also found some gluten free products for my daughter.
It was fun and the spirit shows in small and slow ways... seems the right thing to do in a world like ours.

Happy pre solstice.. thanks the heavens for longer days and more light...JT and LW