Tuesday, February 8, 2011


These are the 'Ole Days and Nights of the Hawaiian Moon Calendar, beginning Tuesday, February 8th lasting through Friday, February 11th.  Our practice is to refrain from new posts to our blogs, spend time reviewing the information and experiences since the New Moon (counts as First night of the moon) and weed through our goals and commitments (make changes to what's been started if needed) to maintain fertile ground for seeds newly planted.

A hui hou,

From the site The Native Hawaiian Moon Calendar
"'Ole Ku Kahi, 'Ole Ku Lua

'Ole Ku Kolu, 'Ole Pau

(Seventh to tenth nights)

This is an unproductive time, for `ole means 'nothing', 'without', 'unproductive'. The tides are dangerous and high. The sea is rough and fishing is poor. Some recommend that planting be minimal until `ole pau which ends this unproductive period."

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