Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let the sun shine in ... Aquarius dawning ... revolution, evolution

The view from the Quonset window is a stand of tree skins streaked with light.  Sun.  The morning is cold and clear. I was up earlier this morning, and came into a very cool cooking hut.  JOTS was huddled by the heater and ready to escape the premises for her natural duties. My thoughts were swhirling thinking about my family back on O'ahu. We are gathering our energy to aid in the healing of one of our dearest, and it's important for one like me who absorb energy at such deep levels to attend to what is 'mine' and maintain connection without collapse. All easier said than done, but it counts to pay attention ...

I checked in with Elsa in time to attend to the stellium of planets congregating in Aquarius.  Here's what she had to say: (click on the link to read the whole post)

The Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Neptune and Ceres all gather in Aquarius on February 3, 2011. This is on the heels of the new moon the day before. Talk about a revolution!

There is a nice wrinkle here in that Saturn (ruler of Aquarius) is in in the sign of it’s exaltation, Libra, which trines Aquarius.

I see this as an extraordinary opportunity. To take advantage, note the house where the stellium falls in your chart and brainstorm how you can innovate and liberate yourself or others as it relates to that house.

The stellium of planets in Aquarius will be in my 1st House.  The Aquarius party will be in Pete's 5th House.

 Dana Gerhardt at Astro.com offered this for our 1st and 5th House Brainstorming:(Click on the link for the complete articles, and more about the houses that might trigger brainstorming of your own.)

The 1st House

..."Writing about the 1st house, astrologer Dane Rudhyar stresses the need to separate yourself from its early influences, the personal, social and cultural conditioning that mothered you.4 The work of the 1st house is to keep birthing yourself, which means to keep separating, to keep honoring what’s different about you... it’s about accepting the gift of being distinct. On a deeply spiritual level we may recognize we’re all one, interconnected and interdependent. Yet it’s also true that the whole does its most productive and creative work through individuals. When you embrace your individuality, you come closer to fulfilling your destiny. You gain access to more inner resources. You become more authentically formed.
The 5th House

"Within your 5th house lives a wild spirit too. It wants to shake up your sleepy life. It wants to stimulate your ecstasy for being in the moment ...It is well known that when transits or progressions energize the 5th house, people do uncharacteristic things. They have affairs. They buy flashy new cars. They dream of running away to the circus. They behave, in short, like children... There is vital life force energy in the 5th house. When the emotional life is thus nurtured, power gathers. There is energy to create. Or procreate. There is enthusiasm for life. One is vibrant and radiant... "

So ...  yes, I am brainstorming ways to represent myself differently, reinventing and revolutionizing the way I write and individuate.  There are changes coming in the blog.  Pete is feeling the energy of a lifetime of work and reading about revolution.  We are products of our biology, and our history and then we are the two here who continue to evolve.  In the dawning of this new morning, Pete and I talked about the memory of revolution and hope fueled during the 1960's when we were barely twenties.  It was the time of demonstration, the time of protest and hope for better times.  It was a time before cellphones, WikiLeaks, Tweets, FaceBook and laptops.  There was the Rolling Stone Magazine, free-presses, and sit-ins in Bachman Hall.

The Dawn of Aquarius is happening ... it's a long stretch of dawning, and the  stellium coming on February 3, 2011 one more opportunity to let the sun shine into your life and the life of all you touch.  Back when this record was first recorded I was a fresh-off-the-campus new teacher with a classroom full of beautiful 4 year olds.  The New Dimension, and the production of Hair were hot, new things too.  I can still see the May Day program in Kaimuki, where the dear little keiki were dressed up in their tempra painted poi bowl (small paper-cup) hats, and flower brims.  We danced to the music of Hair, and let the Sun Shine In. 

"I didn't know what I was doing back then,"  I said from under the covers.

"Ha, that has no basis in reality,"  Pete was already out of bed and preparing to head out the door.  He laughed and continued.

"Look at the hats you STILL wear...get the connection?" 

Feels like we are ready for a revolution, with hats?  Most definitely.

THE FIFTH DIMENSION sang it so well. 

LINK HERE to listen and watch The Sun Shine  ...

What will you revolutionize?

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