Monday, January 31, 2011

Dreaming of water, hearing of sun

It's still winter.  We're layered up here in the forest and clean long johns and freshly washed bedding make  for comfort and pleasure wrapped in a nice package.  Last night one of my dreams had me out in the ocean waiting for the wind to pick up my kite.  I guess it was a wind-surfing kite though there was no board to skim the water tops, just me totally immersed in water with my son near by.  Never did get up out of the water, but when I woke it was to laughter (mine) as I thanked my lucky stars for giving me a salt water swim without leaving the bed.

A couple hours ago I was on the cellphone to my pal JT who is on a fabulous road trip to sunny places.  A wondrous trip.  I could hear the sun in her voice, her glee unmistakeable.  She and her partner LW are headed for a bead show, and more than that they are sunning themselves and getting the Vitamin D that I must find in a tiny bottle dosed by the drop.

The new year coming up is giving me an infusion of joy.  Chatting with JT the Earthy, hearing her relish the company of beaders and potters playing in the sun, I want to be there, too.  I'm a deep-water Scorpio with transcendent connections to make lots of lemonade from lemons or funky homes from bits of dream-work and star-dust, but I do love the warmth of the sun.  Hawaiians are sun-people after all. 

Hearing my friends are thriving on their RV trek from the wetlands of the Pacific Northwest gives me hope:  we could trek again in our vardo or in the trusty Subaru which is more aired and off-gassed by the day.  Though we are settling here on Whidbey, there is room for short, sweet ventures.  All is not struggle and work. 

The Year of the Rabbit (or "Hare" as my dear friend Glenda prefers) is a year to catch your breath, and as I've mentioned before 2011 is a "4" Year numerology-wise for the collective and me personally.  It's a year of process and hard work.  As the Bunny is poised to hop forward, I begin to see where my focus will need to be and prepare to work.  There must be time for rest and relaxation or the bunny will be worn and far from a happy, health hare.

Dreams of water, and the voice of sun call me to places where I could refuel and play.
Where you will go to refuel and play?


Liberty said...

I find it hard to refuel and play in the city and, since I don't drive, I tend to feel trapped.
I have tiny refuels in my garden at times and I look forward to summer camping trips for my BIG refuels.

Mokihana and Pete said...


It's great to hear you have your gardens for spaces of refueling. Living in the woods helps me so much, and JOTS my trail-partner kitty makes for great company.

Thanks for your comment:))