Monday, January 3, 2011

SOLAR ECLIPSE In Capricorn, coming up soon "like a bag of rocks!"

I'm at the keys with my dark sunglasses on.  It's still not early warm.  JOTS is tucked into a curl on the slantboard, and I've just been to Elsa's  for some good old Community Cousins and perspective on the energy that is swarming.  Astrology will often give me both the practical and beyond logic or science's counsel to life's angst.  I'm in my dark sunglasses as some of you know, because I've had a series of migraine headaches with pain that is way, way off the charts.  One of the things that accompanies migraine is light sensitivity.  Well, with low light Washington the place where I live, I am in my Hawaii-grade glasses so the sensitivity is accute.

A solar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn is heading our way on the planet.  Capricorn will be in its home (in the sign on the zodiac) beginning tomorrow, period! (that's a correction, the eclipse is JANUARY 4TH TOMORROW)  Please see the link to Elsa above for the accurate timing of the eclipse.
Elsa writes:  “This stuff is very COLD when you get right down to it. It is naked and hardcore and uncompromising…”
The eclipse will be packing my 12th House along with a handful of planets including the sun, moon, my North Node, Pluto and Mars not far along in the 1st house.  I often log my astrological findings here on VardoForTwo to note the complexity of life as an oldster living a semi-nomadic life. Living safe and staying safe and sane is not a simple task...things change all the time. These migraines are a new signal for me, and like Elsa says, "...It is naked and hardcore and uncompromising.."  With 12th House issues any and all old habits and self-defeating patterns will fill that bag of rocks.  Elsa reminds me to set my intention for dealing with these old habits and patterns, because in addition to a solar eclipse it is also a NEW MOON.  I need to be unafraid to be responsible for my thoughts and my actions.  Above all else it has occurred to me that "being and behaving kind is important at all times."  I have been right and not kind.  I have expected kindness from others while they fumble with understanding what I need/think.  There is history to correct when Capricorn comes to stay in your house. 

I'm setting my intention to be kind, and include myself on that list of recipients for the intention.



Joan Tucker said...

M, I had migraines monthly from 11-52; they put me in bed 2-3 days a month. They are gone post hysterectomy
There are now meds. daughter Kim has horrid ones and needs help.

Coke, dark rooms, wet cloth on forehead, sometimes neck and shoulder massage, sometimes throwing up helps.
I had to avoid, nitrites, raw onion, exhaust any kind, certain smells, flashing light, florescents, moldy smells,motion, sulfur veggies, broccoli, etc.

Sorry about your having made them worse, low pressure, storms,dry air...

Take care..Jonathon says you need to shine this year.. take your light out of the jar... Hugs, JT

Mokihana and Pete said...

hI jOAN,

Yes, I'm doing all those things with a line-up on coke cans behind me. Meds not yet my route, though I will remain open-minded to them and talk with my enviro-doc ifthe timecomes.

thanks for the story, and that Jonathan ... light out ofthe jar ha, after i take my sunglasses off.

peace, Mokihana