Saturday, January 22, 2011

Woken for the pause

Sometimes, like this morning, I am woken.  Life is full, busy with effort.  Woken from sleep, the pain cries to be felt.  What? Am I hungry?  Can't be hungry ... eating causes pain.  Tired? How can I be tired, I was sleeping?

Sometimes, like this morning, all the effort to transcend is just too much and I wake.  If  I am still I might find pause.

"As with any addiction, the escape from pain of our shadow self only increases our suffering. Our strategies amplify the feeling that something is wrong with us and stop us from attending to the parts of ourselves that most need our attention to heal..."

-from  The Sacred Paus  By Tara Brach

Sometimes, like this morning, God wakes me from the fog and I listen.  In the quonset, while JOTS sleeps, I found that article and paused..

Ever happen to you?

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