Sunday, January 23, 2011

What is Sequential Access?

In the 'geek-world' Sequential Access is defined this way:

The phrase sequential access simply refers to the fixed order of access. As well as being fixed, this order is pre-determined and follows a logical progression. Some types of sequential access are unavoidable, such as when playing back a cassette. Other types are a deliberate choice. This can include computer data stored as a linked list, in which each piece of data contains a reference to the following piece.

Three years ago the phrase Sequential Access became our mantra and the password for the process of building Vardo For Two, and reassembling our lives. In no way did the geek-world's definition enter our consciousness, but then all definitions are one in the greater dictionary so who could have known.

I've just finished a post over on Q and A from Vardo For You ... It's an answer to that question "What is Sequential Access?" and hopefully a source of hope for those who are in the process of deciding to build small and MCS-safe. 

Link here to read what Sequential Access is about in our world.

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