Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year ... shorts only ( if only we could be wearing 'em now!)

JOTS my blogging pal is watching from the slant board. For the time being I am perched on the kitchen stool under a lot of clothes.  This laptop is groaning so let's just hope it's not its last lap.

The cold snap brought in 2011 up and down the Pacific Coast.  The water hose and drains are frozen and I have a new experience to understand, and though I have reluctantly been initiated into yet another club that I would not choose to join ( I have never been much of a clubber), my friend Leslie helped me limp into the arms of those with MCS AND Migraine headaches.  Nights are the worst for me, frigid, dry air triggered the first pain of a different dimension.  Thanks to many friends I learned to:
  • add humidity to the Vardo to soothe my sinuses; a boiling kettle from the quonset helps, wet towels hung on clothes line adds some relief; bending my bowed head over that steaming kettle got me through the first couple of days.
  • the saline warm water rinse soothed my sinuses; and does so daily
  • a nasal spray called XCLEAR is an overthecounter saline and XYLITOL spray that helps
When the headaches came back with colors and patterned lights I called Leslie, and she helped me into the fold of migraines.  Though ironically comforting, this latest initiation is a heck of a way to begin the new year.  STILL, there is something about these trials that amaze and ring through ... "Those that sustain you while you are in need beyond imagination, they are to be blessed.  Mahalo Honey, Pete"

  • Dark sunglasses (thank you Maui Jim's) help when light sensitivities requires darkness even at night
  • I don't do pain meds, so thank Akua, for now the Southern Remedy and caffeine-endorphin rush from COKE helped me through the night and I was migraine free through my  first night in 4.
22 Degrees outside, and 50 in the quonset.  EMS (electromagnetic sensitivity) is causing problems, and might be aggrevating my old kino (body).  So, this is short, and then there will be more changes coming. It's wonderful how my dreams take me to steaming hot places and clear saltwater and white sandy places at night.  There are so many dimensions of reality. 

Last short

Thank God for the journalists who still keep the news we need to know coming ... JOAN Conrow that would be you.

Joan Conrow thank you for keeping us posted about one of our Kuliouou Valley heroes, Henry Noa.  When I'm able I will  tell you readers about Kuliouou Valley, and among the people of that place there is Henry Noa and the Correa-Reeves 'Ohana.

Never say never to anything.  I'm gonna sip on the second can of coke in two days, after what ... 15, 20 years?  Yup, never say never.

Hauoli Makahiki Hou,
Mokihana, Pete and JOTS

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