Monday, January 10, 2011

A Three-Rune Day and Musing on the Water Signs

The locals in the area began predicting a hard winter, or a long winter, or a cold winter.  The talk started in early fall among the farmers at the Saturday farmer's market.  I listened, and knew to pay attention.  The birds around the forest were making sure they took every last huckleberry and wild blueberry on the bushes around us.  We harvested some, but mostly the fruit was bird food and they would need it I figured. 

Our hoses are frozen again ... that would be the second or third time so far this winter.  The ducks(all nine of 'em) and our Crowing Hens (all three of 'em) stood at a stand-still this morning. Temperatures had dropped, snow speckled their feeding ground and Pete watched them through the small vardo window.  "They don't like it!"  Frozen water, no place to swim after the long night and grubbing for food will be tedious.  Oh well, they forage on and thanks to Pete the Poultry Man they have plenty of clean straw for bedding, fresh feed morning and night and the big ole rats that harass the ducks for their eggs are regularly thwarted by the tall white haired one with the elf-hat.

The cold temperature irritates my sinuses and I am learning to be on guard for the signals that trigger the migraine.  I note them and then I go to work:  moisturize my sinuses with saline spray, wear my mask outside to keep my face warm, sip on the Coke.  That last one is stretching my willingness to go to any length to care for myself.  The high fructose (most likely GMO) corn sugair!!!YIKES.  I went looking for an organic cola to replace it ... found it, and then when I got home found it was CAFFEINE FREE.  I had a good laugh with that one.  It's the caffeine I'm after.  Caffeined tea is another 'better' option, but I'm sensitive to black tea because black tea naturally contains FLUORIDE and that'sjust too much cross-firing of the thyroide for me.

Water, water, water signs
So, here I am back at the keys with my thigh warming up in my fleecy sweats next to the heater, JOTS is in her bliss-spot and Pete is working this morning.   Nota from Elsa Elsa got me thinking about the nature of water today.  My Scorpio-nature is feeling all manner of deep dark stuff and earlier my innate decompression mechanism 'CRYING' kicked in to let some of that 'stuff' out.  It works.  My Mom, the every transformative PISCES with the ability to let things flow used to tell me to let off steam ... more often.  Guess she must have known those long ago years past that she had birthed a steam engine with the need to let go her greatest challenge.  Pete is the CANCERIAN man, the third type of Water-sign in the astrological village.  He's the one with long-term memory, feeling every thing and caching it away for the long-haul. 

With winter setting into itself with freezing water a repeating experience we watery types must be getting an extra bit of 'feel.'  Frozen water:  frozen feelings.  For me, the deep-sea diver and miner of the depths it's no wonder my head goes Migraine when it freezes.  All that depth needs to be released or broken pipes.

Why a Three-Rune Day?

Pulling Runes (the stones) helps me ground and warm that watery emotional energy that needs to be released, gently, gently, gently.  On most days, one Rune is enough to give me direction, a tip, a voice of counsel.  This morning while the sky was still dark, I pulled three Runes to ask for inner counsel.  Some times one Rune is not enough.  The Runes I pulled came in the order picture above (from top to bottom).

The Rune of Growth, Berkana/Birch.  A Rune of new beginnings, health.  A Rune long associated with Woman. 

In the Book of Runes and the Healing Runes this is the Rune of "Prayer" and "Growth". 

I pulled this Rune twice in two days. 

The Yew, the Rune of "Turning Point"

ALGIZ, The Rune of Protection, and the Rune of Boundaries
I pulled this Rune just the other day, and posted about it.

I often wonder why I do this ... blog, blog, blog.  When I do this (wonder) I know I'm stepping into the freeze of looking out to see who is looking in (at me).  I know I'm navigating or trying to navigate others lives.  When I thaw-out, chill-out and get down to my innocent and quirky Scorpio Sun with oh-so many aspects of a Capricorn I suspect I blog because Expression is the game I signed up for oh-so many watery moons ago.  Long, deep, winding. 

Are you watery?

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