Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Full Moon in Cancer, January 19, 2011 and the Rune of Possesions (FEHU)

Pete and I are still working on the two-part article about The Relationship, in a way it's a new start for us because we've put the IN THE WORKS post up and that's the truth. 

We talked about some of the ideas and thoughts running through Pete's head, and I said something like, "That's so good you talk about the things that happen.  Expressing them will.happen.." 

He finished the sentence said, "When the right words come I'll know it."

We're working on this article together and we're committed to letting the words come in time.  The Full Moon in Cancer is a perfect time to commit or recommit to the people who are your people.  I was on the cellphone over the past two days socializing with three people who have been long-standing clan.  We have been through hell and high/low waters over the years.  Friendship stretches and some of them splinter like glass.  Maybe those are the kinds that were made for a purpose, a season/reason and the splinters fly out there to be stepped on again (those hurt, we bleed on the fragments).  Learning to step away becomes the lesson until amends, reconciliation or letting-go the order of the way.  Other friendships stretch and retain their resilience.  Some of those friendships go limp for a time, like a clothesline left in rain they still work when you need to hang up a load of laundry finally washed out and ready for another go, mattering not that the former taunt quality is now a bit different from the wear.

There is need in my life to be social, and yet that need to be with people has been redefined.  Being with people physically is still challenging, I suit up as best I can, and yet the party is still in the making. Fragrance-free gathering places and people is a slim experience. The phone call remain a line of connection that makes for time of committment.  I can call my people and we can 'see' one another.  Pete has a dear pal who called him this weekend and I can always see the glow that comes through when that phone call is over.  It's a lasting link!

I feel lucky to know who my people are, and what they mean to mean (and in turn what I mean for them).  Full Moon is a ripe time, when what you focus on is magnified.  Full Moon in Cancer is all about FAMILY, HOME, CLAN, YOUR PEOPLE.  Here's a link to ElsaElsa for another view of this lucky Full Moon in Cancer.

Do you feel lucky?

FEHU The Rune of Possessions

This Rune is the stone that remains me to be conscious of my present definitions of material values, possesions and all that nurtures me.  I pulled it late yesterday as I considered the up-coming Full Moon in Cancer.  From the outside my life is limited:  no car, a tiny home, socialization a reassembled reality.  What does nurture me is changing and when I am able to go with the flow and see what sustains, I am surprised.

What happens when your priorities and values get turned upside-down?

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