Sunday, January 9, 2011

NEW BLOG ... Q and A from Vardo For Two

We have created a new blog.  It's called Q and A from Vardo For Two.  Pete and I have been communicating with more folks beginning or thinking about building a safe haven similar to our vardo. 

QandA From VardoForTwo is a place to ask questions about the process of building BEFORE you get fully into it. If you have begun and find yourself with a muddle to work through, maybe we've muddled through a similar thing.

Rather than address individual questions through email (which is still a good thing) ONLY, we'd like to spread the information whenever possible to make best use of the energy involved in answering.

YOUR COMMENTS will fuel this blog. It does, it seems to us, take time and the energy of many to make change and then change is uncontrollable.

If you're thinking about building a moveable safe haven this winter and need to run your ideas by someone(s) who have been on the journey leave a comment/question/idea by us here with your comment.

This new blog and format for directing questions might be useful for the need for safe housing is still the #1 issue for so many of us.  A vardo-like home is one possibility.  Mindful process and support through the journey have been essential.  Go to the new blog with your questions, mullings or quandries.

All the best,
Mokihana and Pete


Donna Cunningham said...

It's so good that you're back, Mokihana--your absence has been marked. But in writing and in blogging, breaks help you come back with fresh ideas and a fresh enthusiasm for the task/mission!

May 2011 be a better year for all of us--the astrological indicators are certainly far, far better than that Cardinal t-square and cross of last year.

Donna Cunningham

Mokihana Calizar said...

Thanks, Donna

I feel the break has been good for me for just those reasons. 2011 is Numerologically my Year of "4" where I work harder than I have in recent years. OMG! I understand the cycle, and try to keep myself open to seeing how it's a process of 9's begun in 2008 when we landed in WA, with a dream to make a tiny haven of a home. That was a doozey of a beginning and it takes all manner of paying attention and taking breaks.

I appreciate your comment.