Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boundary matters

The Rune ALGIZ
Rune of Protection
Healing Rune of Boundaries

Once again the comfort of the baby blue metal quonset offers me a place to be at the keys.  Yes, JOTS is in her place, the ceramic heater runs electricity through its circuitry and warms me.  The humming melody of the  former JT and Weed refrigerator is doing its own music.  So, the quonset is a basic pulse of EMF (eclectromagnetic fields).  There's an up side and a down side to this setting:  up= we are sheltered, dry and warmer than if we weren't in the quonset; down=EMF make it difficult for me and others who are EMF sensitives.  One of the things I knew when we built V42 was the possibility of 'collecting' more electricty than I could manage would be there.  Our interior walls are stainless steel and a great conductor of such energy.  To deal with that possibility Pete and I went through many discussions, back-and-forths with the pros and cons, and in the end have limited electrical wiring and a stainless steel interior wall.  We are grateful for the home we have and now there are other boundary matters to address, there are always more. 

Metal is inert and the material of choice for me since I react negatively to many woods and painting/finishing has its long-term issues of chemical VOC and drying time issues.  Yak, yak, yak.  The point I'm at today is:  with time, life does reveal more.  Journeying as we are in Vardo For Two moving from denial to honesty is faster these days.  It's like we have little room for staying in the dark, and then there's Saturn, the task-master who is not allowing any back-peddlin'.  So, for the past couple of mornings I have been experimenting with being 'unplugged.' 

What is an UnPlugged Wahine in a Vardo?  Just that, a woman in a vardo unplugged from the source of electricity that runs a circuit to heat us, run the 60 watt lamp and air purifier.  Those are the basic electrical draws.  When the migraines started a week ago I stopped running the air purifier because I couldn't tolerate the sound.  That helped.  The ringing in my ears lessened.  That was nice.  I now keep the purifier off except from wood smoke is in the air or other smells need recycling.  My sleep has been noticeably different, and deeper.

Until the temperature rose to 40 (from 20) sleeping without heat would have been counter-productive.  Boundary matters are not either or-wall-making choices.  Sequentially we made changes that made sense for my over all well-being.  Now that the temperature is in the 40 degree range, being in the vardo UNPLUGGED is something to experience.  Here's what I'm finding:

1.  Still under all the blankets I have (three)
2.  Warm up the vardo before unplugging
3.  Shut all the windows
4.  Turn the heat out and turn anything else off
5.  Unplug the extention cord outside

6.  Get comfortable and cozy under the blankets
7.  I then do an NAET energy clearing exercise of rubbing  8 points on my hands, inner elbows, shins and top of the feet between the big toe and the next toe.  (If you need or want more clarification leave a comment and I'll try to get clearer for you)
8.  Then, I relax and generally do a slow and easy Relaxation Qi Gong ... relaxing from top of head to toe meditation.
9.  I really take it easy and basically let go.

10.   At first I feel the physical tension, and that's the truth.
11.  I keep breathing, and relax.
12.  I begin to see the streams of electricity, and that's the truth.
13.  I keep breathing, and relax.
14.  My body relaxes more deeply.
15.  My teeth unclench.
16.  The ringing in my ears softens.

17.  By the time my body notices 'cold' it's been about 30 minutes.
18.  Time to warm up, and gather my dear self together.
19.  I rub my hands together to end the clearing.
20.  I go outside and replug the extension cord.

21.  I notice the difference I feel:  detoxifying energy as in deep and restful sleep or deep meditation.
22.  Thank you.
23.  I turn the heat back on in the vardo and go to the quonset to make warm food for breakfast, and tell Pete how I'm feeling.

Why the picture above? 

Most days I begin by drawing at least one Rune stone.  I like to feel as others similarly do with the drawing of Runes, that I am calling home ... seeking counsel from the oracle.  I pulled ALGIZ today.  That's the Rune ALGIZ pictured above. 

Drawing this Rune is always about going a reality check on my boundary matters.  "Respect and protection for your feelings, your health and your well-being are almost always at issue when you receive the Rune of Boundaries ... Cherish your ability to set appropriate boundaries (and) create freedom..." So reads the interpretation from The Healing Runes by Ralph H Blum and Susan Loughan.

Another, new to me, interpretation from Rune Meanings sheds an appropriate angle on ALGIZ:
In terms of the journey, we have passed through death and rebirth, and must now face the Guardian before returning to our world. It is he who charges us to use our new-found power wisely. The person can no longer be simply concerned with their own personal development, but must now consider the effect that their actions may have on others. This is a crucial turning point, and the person will either choose to adopt a system of ethics or ignore the effect on others and only work to serve their own ends. Again, the sword is in their hands, but they must decide whether to use it for defense or offence.

I would say my passage through the migraines and the experiences of new-found power is an example of power that must be used wisely.  I am comforted over and over again in the last twenty-four hours with the grace and gentle power of "creativity as the glue of social cohesion."  That's a quote from the YouTube Video of Cool Water Hula wahine, Kristi Hager.  Pete and I are loving the new possibility of wisely used power.  Link here I watch that YouTube, posted over at Makua O'o. 

I think I love that sort of glue.  Kristi Hager said, "We dance to change ourselves."  What a change in the story of boundary vs. wall, Kristi.  Boundaries matter. Hope you watch this video, and who knows maybe we'll b dancing to change ourselves, too.  You?


Joan Tucker said...

moki, helpful hint# 65...
from our rv club magazine...

No Freeze Water hose; 100% drinking water safe.


Might be worth looking into. JT

Mokihana and Pete said...

Thanks for the tip, we'll ck it out.