Sunday, February 6, 2011

Success! Pages on the side-bar

Progress, progess, progress.  There are two new pages on the sidebar now, and new content will slow be linkage through the pages.  It's SuperBowl Sunday in America, and Pete's gone to cheer The Packers on.  I'm loving the small changes to be made here on the blog, and cook'n up some supper to warm my tummy.

Oh, I was chatting over at  Planet Thrive on Friday night for the first time in a year.  What fun that was.

While there I heard (AND REMEMBER!) this joke:

Definition of The 'SUPER BOWL'?
Answer:  Bowl for Superman's gold fish

Silly, funny, just my kinda goofy and a joke I remembered.

What's for dinner at your house?  SuperBowl fan?


Liberty said...

congrats on getting the pages working!

I LOVElovelove the photo of you and Pete together in front of the Vardo!

Mokihana and Pete said...


You are the one for helping me with the pages!

And we love that picture, too. We are however, in front of our portable Quonset, the companion portable kitchen/writing hut. Our friend Leslie L was over with a camera and took the pic. First one of life in the Whidbey woods.

Liberty said...

awesome! do you have any photos posted of just the quonset? I hadn't realised it was that big. I had still been envisioning your kitchen as being underneath a tarp for some reason.
this sounds so much better!

Mokihana and Pete said...

Hay, Liberty

Thanks so much for spending your winter time here leaving comments. So much appreciated!

The Quonset is better than a tarp in the rain! It's about the same size as the vardo, though outfitted differently.

No, there are no pictures of it, yet. Pete is working on that and when he begins posting he'll be fiddling with more visuals of the work he does, and the critters he cares for will probably show up as well.

How about this SKY BLUE background?

Liberty said...

I look forward to seeing pics!
and I really like this background. super easy on my eyes!