Friday, August 7, 2009


... dreaming of JuJuBean her donkey
(copied by permission from Leslie Richard)

Blogs are an amazing form of connecting. With a gazillion doors to open from our trusty old (2000 Sony) laptop we Vardo people have jumped into the ether-sphere to find all forms of opinion, news that never makes the News, information about product, on-line shopping and then all the personal journaling of bloggers, and bloggers who live with chronic illness like MCS. My oh my. What a world. It's safe to say bloggers have lassoed me from the brink, made me laugh, made me think. Without meeting face to face, bloggers have become a virtual social circle ... a substitute for what used to be my social whirl.

Last week I stopped to visit one of these bloggers, Leslie over at the Oko Box Blog. I first bumped into Leslie on The Canary Report, very early in my blog experience. I found Susie Collins' and the community of canaries with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities at a time when I really needed to know others were living with the morphing forms of this condition. Right away she intriqued me with her quirky and sweet sassy comments and then I followed her over to the Oko Box Blog. Leslie Richard is one funny, wonderful sistah. Her perspectives are elf-like, her creative spirit adventurous and her solutions for "upcycling" (her word for recycling) a pair of jeans or a wooden chopping block using real sand and a flat stone ... well, if you haven't met her yet go HERE. This is woman who has tickled me when I didn't think I had a snip of tickle left to my name.

On to the reason for the title of this post : DONKEY DREAM. Leslie is asking for donations to make a dream of riding a donkey come true. Now, if you've been a VARDOFORTWO reader you know we are dreamers and wish makers and we cotton-to ... we love...we support the wishers of gentle folk with Earth and the cosmos in their heart. This DONKEY DREAM is just the sort of dream this old dear loves to know about. It doesn't take a lot to support a dream, sometimes one something or someone at the right time and place will warm a litle Match Girl in her time of greatest need. A few or a lot of people donating a little bit will make this dream come true.

With permission from Leslie I've snipped a bit of her original post about this dream, and copied that cute donkey's picture. I like this sort of direct connection ... made across the ethers...make me feel less alone, and that is a nice warming feeling. Oh, here's a little bit of what she said in her email when I wrote asking for permission:


That would be awesome, of course I'de love it if you posted about my donkey dream, i want people to know how awesome donkeys are & also not to give up when you are sick!
Leslie lives in the Smokey Mountains, in North Carolina on country land where she can be the best living on the Earth, in the woods sort of gal she truly is. This is her opening paragraph about dreaming of a donkey.

I am now accepting donations to help me buy a donkey! It all started a few years ago when I began having seizures and could no longer drive a car, or even ride as a passenger without causing serious medical discomfort. Soon after realizing my new isolating plight I met an old man on Reems Creek Rd in Weaverville NC who was raising midget ponies, he loved his midget ponies so much he teared up talking about them & he said they were his only joy... after hearing him talk a flash of brilliance popped into my travel weary mind that I needed something to ride on that was just my size! Over the years I kept my wish alive, letting it evolve with my changing life- but as my situation became more 'small pony' friendly the economy became a monster. A monster that gobbled up all my money and left me rather poor.
It's a delight to share the page with a being who has filled me with hope across the blue screen of an old Sony laptop. Wonders of wonders. Twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder what you are. Up above the world so high Like a Diamond in the Sky ... Leslie, this wish is for you and JuJuBean ~



Veronica McKay said...

As a friend of Leslie's let me just say how wonderful it was to read this and hear a true reflection of who she is. Oh yes, thanks for letting everyone know about her donkey dream.

Mokihana and Pete said...

Hi Veronica,
How blessed you both are to be friends. To hear that these words reflect that girl-in-the-woods is really great coming from you. Thanks for leaving such an affirming comment ... and yes, donkey dreaming is good juju.

Leslie @ the oko box said...

This was so nice, it made me cry- literally. Thank you so much for saying every single thing you said- completely from the heart! yay!

Mokihana and Pete said...

Dear Leslie the Donkey Dreamer,
I meant every word of it you can be sure of that ... and yup from the heart it did come. So nice to have you here with us, so nice. Thank you Leslie for all the smiles that you have brought my way.