Thursday, August 6, 2009

Working behind the scenes: Wood Crafting the series

I'm doing some work on the sidebar to allow our readers to click on the installments of my eco fairy tale WOOD CRAFTING. It's tinkering with things so it may take a bit to get things clicking as they ought. This whole idea of a series of installments came as a surprise to me (the Universe is tricky) so I'm playing with the technology at my level of understanding and working as fast as I can to get this gadget working, and add more installments for your enjoyment. Hope you do enjoy the tale, seems we have more visitors when there's a tale a foot, and a fresh kettle on to boil.

Is the tea ready?

Okeedookee. That cup of tea was pretty good, and the sidebar over there should work for linking and reading the five installments of Wood Crafting published thus far. Please let me know in the comments or email if you have a problem with it. ~ Mokihana

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