Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How do birds prepare for winter?

Pete thinking, "This truck would make it happen for us."
Kolea ... the Pacific Golden Plover and great long-distant migrator
thinking "Bugs, must find bugs to fill my tummy ..."

Well, most migrators have an internal clockworks that lets them know there are things to do, food to be stored (inside their bellies) and all attention simply turns to the activity of the moment. That's what we old birds have been doing for the past several weeks. Especially my old dear mate, Pete ... who is the major tinker master and now fixer of an old truck. Bernadette is the newest woman in my man's life. While I do the things that matter in me own side of the whirl Pete has been a very busy bird.

If you've never met Bernadette the Dodge link here and read about her and the recent progress being made to her so we can migrate for the winter.

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