Friday, August 14, 2009

WOODCRAFTING: Installment #7: "Honu the Old"


Written by Mokihana Calizar
Copyright, 2009

Please enjoy the tale for your own pleasure,
but do not reprint it or copy it for any other purpose without permission from the author.

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Honu the Old

Deep in the piko of Ever, Honu the Old dove through the dark umbilical cord of Creation to the place she knew she would find Leviathan. Settling onto a stretch of glistening sands surrounded by sheer cliffs Honu reached the reef walls of the ancient birthing place…The beginning. Polyps in colors un-nameable breathed from the jagged out-croppings. The polyps were the first and yet they remain still as sentinels to this place where the great whales birth and pass, birth and pass. The sand was a resting place for Honu, when she settled onto the smooth granules huge air bubbles rose from her mouth and surrounded her. The dive is fathoms deep, and at her advanced years, it tires her to make the journey. “Friend, you have come a long way. Always welcome. Always welcome. Have you answers or questions? Answers or questions?” The ancient ones came together, bumped foreheads in greeting and enjoyed a delicious meal of krill and limu after which Honu told the story of Reassembling taking place above water in the Coveys. “The Northern star dwellers have laid trail to the South and as we conjured, the two called Freeilll and Somaia are now within moon risings of their destiny. Fairy dust and fairy making have birthed two brilliant magicians. They are called Glenda and Glennis. Somaia has spun the pearl head-dresses and each child beams the light from atop their golden heads. Somaia of the South has begun the transformation and ought to be fully red of feathers by the time Mahina is full.” Leviathan smiled and asked, “The great son, your punahele, our favorite, has he embraced the songstress with the body of your coil, your lineage?” “He has indeed.” The two benevolent conspirators knew the final piece of the mystery would unfold quickly. The consequences of a melded birth would present itself before long. “The water continues to warm and the fry are still without ears and exceptionally large eyes,” Honu conned in her old friend’s direction. “Time is still on the side of destiny,” Leviathan replied. “Has the song huntress asked her questions?” “All but the last of them,” Honu revealed. “Then the Reassembling proceeds in excellent course.”


Joan Tucker said...

my o my I love this writing...jt

Mokihana and Pete said...

Aloha Joan,
Thanks for the kind words. You've been there to read words of a different sort ... seems the wandering has wound me in the all of it. Characters simply showed up to tell their bit...Mahalo, Mokihana