Sunday, August 9, 2009

The multiple nature of SCORPIO: willing to learn something new

Cocooned in my wheelie home, I'm seeking out the good energy a Scorpio like me needs. If there is anything Scorpio seeks instinctively it is ENERGY. When I was a very young woman the only thing I knew about the 'Scorpian" energy was the deadliness of the stinger ... and though I knew it was true I hid the sting perhaps in truth I knew too much about the harshness learned too early in my childhood . Later I discovered the dual nature of Scorpio ... that there was the Phoenix nature ... with the ability to 'rise from the ashes.' I have lived that part of a Scorpio's nature more times than I'd like. At another time I remember reading that the Scorpio was the only sign of the zodiac that had a Three-Totem nature that included: Scorpion/Eagle/Phoenix. Again, I could relate to the three part nature of living. Today, I caught up on a old thread over on that addressed yet another way of viewing the Scorpio nature.

A reader with the sig 4Tuna posted this thoughtful comment describing the "Dove" side of the "Sting" or as this person called it the "Wing or Sting"List. It reminded me of a familiar 12-Step Inventory thing where a person can do personal inventory "a searching and fearless moral inventory" ... and perhaps it's just what I need today. I'm doing all the sorts of things that aid in grief work that needs to be done now ...

Other signs of the zodiac might not have the same degree of mirroring natures, and yet all of us have multiple sides to our nature.

“Sting or Wing”

Here are the attributes for Scorpio’s Stinger(unconscious survival mode)and the Dove(conscious loving mode). It’s easy to see how the Stinger depletes energy and the Dove energizes. enJOY!

heavy - lighthearted
sulking - exuberant
brooding - playful
suspicious - trusting
blaming - fact finding
limiting - expanding
frowning - smiling
withholding - giving
killjoy - ecstatic
scattered - grounded
jealous - encouraging
controlling - allowing
fault finding - respectful
fearful - courageous
mean spirited - joyful
indifferent - committed
confusing - focused
depleting - energizing
distant - engaging
betrayal seeking - welcoming
motive probing - supportive
fickle - sincere
crude - thoughtful
excusing owning
victim pleading - responsible
persecuting - healing
dividing - guiding
burdened - spirited
blank - expressive
thoughtless - considerate
judging - forgiving
black hole - milkyway
wet blanket - adventurer

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