Monday, August 24, 2009


We have a bit of time left here on the Ledge ... a little bit of time to figure out where next we move, a little time to contemplate and meditate the reality of a not for sure sorta world/whirl that is the now we live.

Yesterday I went across the driveway to the Big House, inviting our friends to come on down for brunch on the steps of our VardoForTwo. They've never been down to the Ledge (technically their ledge) for a shared meal, and before you know it ... these two old dears will be ... well, some where different. I talked about the upcoming scouting trip Pete and I are planning, a trip to explore winter encampment with or near-by other folks who live with multiple chemical sensitivities. Our plan is to head a bit south to Oregon. Two places are possible, and the only way to know is to check first. And then, the reality of the 'there' will present itself.

It's been a steep learning curve for our friends ... they had no real idea what its like to live with this illness, and we had no idea what it is like for them to live with Parkinson's. We've learned some since we parked ourselves here on the Ledge. We've learned it takes more time and more patience to live compassionately in the real discomfort of a changing reality.

I know the upcoming changes and the movin' on has us stirred up. Pete and I are waking up early in the morning with those thoughts that wait to beckon you from sleep. The stars are always there to speak up ... so separately we climb from the futon, fumble in the dark across the tile floor and step onto the porch for time with the celestial navigation system. Almost without exception ... no, that would be without exception the Pleiades (the Seven Sisters) the constellation long used for trans-ocean voyagers is just above the curved dome of the vardo. Navigating and translating the signs, the writing on the wall, the bits of sky that have fallen are all valuable tools to include in a modern journey.

And what else is valuable on these modern journeys? Good sturdy shoes. (Thanks for that Jilly. Thanks once again Elsa for sharing the soap box for these modern times.)

How do you navigate and translate the signs on your journey?

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