Sunday, August 30, 2009

We've been to Town-O and while we were there ...

We have been to town, Belfaire to be exact. The nearest town to our spot on the Ledge is about 12 miles away. There we get a glimpse and a reminder of the civilization that is Humanity. We turn on our cellphones ... and they work. Together we admit it will be fun to be closer to the sources of city life for a time. The risks of exposures increase when we think about being in a city, but we so would like to participate in community without such long drives to get it. So, the prayers for 'right place, right space' have begun and we say them outloud and silently throughout a common day.

While in town and while on the drive home we were met by the beings who are not human. Instead, while sitting in the parking lot eating greasy chicken Pete started tossing the crusty chicken skins to his kin the crows. They came at first in pairs and then, there were four. We can not load pictures we take to our blogs ... memory or space problems here on the blog??? We aren't sure. So, I've found goggled photos to fill in. A particularly old and knobby kneed bugger caught Pete's eye ... a crow of character ... like attracting like, hmmmmm.

Also while in town munching chicken and feeding crows I found a message from my son. The package we'd sent to him three days ago arrived. Oh how I do love received parcels. Don't you?
The message was sparkly, and just the sort of message you want to hear. The little things we had sent were just the thing to make his day. It just doesn't get much better I say. Small, valuable simple acts that keep a body connected with another body. Email is okay, but a package in the snail mail with fun stuff is just old-fashioned comfort.

And then on the way home and just rounding the edge of the lake (I was driving), I said to Pete, "There's a turtle on the edge of the road."
"Stop the car. We have to put him back."
Pete leapt from the passenger's seat and ambled back. I watched for cars and watched him in the rear view mirror, saw him stoop to pick the turtle up. The turtle being was pretty large for a lake turtle. It fills Pete's hand and more.
"He was heading into the road."
"I know."
"Gotta put him in ..."
"Over the edge of the bank."
"Yeh, it's his place right here."
Pete climbed and then nearly slipped over the side. Turtle definitely wanted out of Pete's hand.

Before Turtle left us Pete turned him over to look at his under-belly. Beautiful! Red and golden bottom and such artistry in design. I didn't know what kind of turtle he is. So I searched and searched and maybe Turtle was a Red-earred Slider. Maybe. Well, that's the picture that most looked like our Turtle pal who was oh-so-close to being squished by the weekend boater folks.
Hope you have a good old time in the Lake, Turtle. Beautiful, beautiful, turtle.

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