Saturday, August 1, 2009


By request from a dear person in my life who was being bamboozled by a blogging snaffuu of my making (I believe I made the links disappear in a previous post, so sorry about that. It was an 'ole day adjustments, and I know better than to do that on a rest day). WOOD CRAFTING the fairy tale ... links to read the eco-tale I have spun ... from the beginning and in segments thus published here on VARDOFORTWO.

If you simply click on each of the links below you ought to be able to read WOOD CRAFTING from the start and in order. Breeze be upon you, and a heart ready for a tale.


Written by Mokihana Calizar
Copyright, 2009

Please enjoy the tale for your own pleasure,
but do not reprint it or copy it for any other purpose without permission from the author.

(see the sidebar for my contact info)

Part I The Covey

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