Monday, August 17, 2009

DREAM COMING TRUE: New Moon Dreams of Appreciation & Amazing Grace

to JT ... yes, some old treasures (recognize it?)
still travel with us


Every week during the months of building VardoForTwo, I wrote a "Dream Coming True" post. As a commitment to the faith we had that it was possible to go from living a life of Diaspora to living in a wee home on wheels, I dreamed of a new life. Step by tiny step we imagined the look, feel and materials that would work as an MCS-safe haven. Those posts document the reality of months of hard work, perseverance and resilience. Sometimes, looking back we forget just how far we have come. The dream come true: an MCS-safe haven inside the walls of our tiny home gives us luxurious sleep, a quiet and gentle on the soul retreat and a base for life on Earth that changes. We are not part of the collective that is settled upon a foundation firm and fixed. Our two wheels and the portable porch tag us as 'campers', nomads, and wanderers.

For five months now we have made a life on the ledge in the woods sharing the Earth with two friends who are settled on this stretch of the planet. We have adjusted and adjusted to the changeable nature of a whirl that could be toxic to us with a flick of a washing machine, barbeque, clothes drier or herbicide spray. The journey is difficult sometimes, the resources for support require constant updating, and the educational process is on-going. Would I change the journey if I could? Hmmm...sure, I'd love to live a life without the near constant alert that comes from being sensitive to chemicals and fragrances that tamper with my body, mind and spirit. And yet, it is these sensitivities that keep me intimate with exactly what ALL of NATURE and EARTH experiences constantly.

In preparation for the New Moon coming up Thursday, August 20th, I'm writing a Dream Coming True and Appreciation Post ... an affirmation and creative intention filled with GRACE.

These are 10 things I appreciate today:

1. I appreciate the hum of the air filter.
2. I appreciate the delicious salmon dinner cooked in our toast oven and hot plate.
3. I appreciate the conversation I had with my old friend just before dusk.
4. I appreciate the fullness of life on the Ledge with ALL her beings ... frogs, bees, ants, birds, trees, wind, stars, fairies and stories.
5. I appreciate the resiliency of my relationship with Pete.
6. I appreciate the willingness of our land-sharing friends.
7. I appreciate the depth of my faith.
8. I appreciate the hot showers at night.
9. I appreciate the quiet here.
10. I appreciate Pete.

With the up-coming New Moon energy I intent and embrace the best possible outcomes for a continuing co-operative life with people and planet as we DREAM a life of Grace. The quote I used from K Lauren de Boer's essay "Gateways to Grace" is worth repeating. It is what I intend to embrace as the season on the ledge draws to a close (at least for the next little while).
Grace is not a static ideal to be attained, but an active event of enormous transformation and significance. I like to think of grace as the experience of previously unrealized forms of elegance that arise in response to crisis. In that arising, all those involved are transformed. In moments of grace, new forms are churned into being out of chaos.
thanks, Lauren for a wonderful look at amazing grace


Joan Tucker said...

Nice to see print in your vardo; I like the grace quote; the last installment knocked me out. The language- fluid, spiritual, other worldly and fun to read.
I wish you both all that you need, we are on different paths, not as different as it would seem. I send you wishes of increasing tolerance of scents, ability to find refuge, and the ability to take from your experience the special insights you are given to grow, to understand, and to write the stories that are within you.
We all are on a journey of discovery and it comes in different forms, what is important I think is that it does come. JT

Mokihana and Pete said...


Nice to wake and find your comment. The print makes its way around the tiny home ... one of the few 'things' I can move around to re-decorate:)

Thanks for the wishes ... we too see how the paths we have taken are different/yet similar. I love the bead-life that has activated your crafty crow; and yes, the stories like Wood Crafting weave all whirls. Transformations are the food to a satisfied soul/crow/mo'o/kolea.

Continuing best to you and L.

Leslie @ the oko box said...

The inside is really neat- is it milk paint on the walls?

Mokihana and Pete said...

Hay, Leslie,

The walls are stainless steel. The color you see comes from flannel sheets cut, stitched hung from the poles that just run front to back.

We just change the color by hanging other kinds of beautiful things we kept over time/or stitched up or cleaned-up ... hoping to get to the point where I can boil up some eco-wool, felt it and make a natural dye like India Flint does ... or, like Leslie R. does. Oh, that would be you! :)