Thursday, February 5, 2009

BUILDING THE VARDO: A Show Case of Magnificent Progress

JOTS and Pete Welcome You to VARDOFORTWO!

The back wall detail: milk painted Hawaiian scented fern, my beautiful lau`ae.

The back wall ... the trailer hitch will attach to a truck ... maybe in the future a seat for a driver and a couple beautiful oxen (you never know!)
THE FRONT OF VARDOFOR TWO ... A LONG VIEW: looking through the long-limbed, unpruned ancient climbing yellow rose that the White Center birds love to perch on ... while waiting for us to scatter more seeds.
SIDE ANGLE VIEW : Showing off the snappy look of those tori`i windows ... yup, they ARE two different sizes.
THE CURVED ROOF: in its prepared for a roof top condition.
Here I am looking through the puka (hole) in our front door, envisioning the delicious conversations we'll have.

We are mid-way to the Spring Equinox. Sunnier days make these Hawaiian bones happy, never mind still needing the Duo-Fold wool long underwear. VARDOFORTWO has been living under wraps for most of Winter, like everything else. And yet, this week the hydrangea and the rose bushes are sending spring messages ... "We're waking up," they tell us.

So to start this precious new day we've pulled the tarps off and post here, the current state of VARDOFORTWO magnificence!! She is indeed, a rose in the blooming.

Building VARDOFORTWO with gentle to the Earth materials is our primary motivation. Building this mobile tiny home with awareness for the chemical sensitivities that challenge me is an equally important motive.
Building with joy and magnificence that is a choice. We choose that.

Cheers and Aloha, Mokihana and Pete

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Anonymous said...

Where do I get the plans to build it? Thanks.