Sunday, December 28, 2008


December has been mostly one long snow day. Today's the first time the sun's really warmed things up enough to uncover parts of the yard. See the remains of our beautiful Christmas Tita SnowWoman in the fore-ground? The last football game of the year is on, so I suspect Pete's upstairs getting a dose of testosterone. He's got the tiny space heater warming the inside of VARDOFORTWO and I see evidence of sunshine through the blinds in the Kitchenette.

Pete's gearing himself up to do some work. After almost three weeks here's what Pete reports:

1. "It smells like milk." Translation: the milk neutralized the oak ceiling and windows. The milk paint smell will need to air-out. So if we get a day or two of no rain/no snow we can open the hatches and let her breathe. Then my decision will be whether the beeswax is a sealant I can be with without reacting; or is a low-VOC clear sealant the choice I need to try?

2. Cut and trim up the ceiling brackets, then paint.

3. Paint the missing spots on the windows.

4. This could be the week for the roof. If the snow melts on the road in front of our house and we're able to line up roofer and transportation, we'll be moving VARDOFORTWO for the first time. Destination: Roof Maker Land.

MAHALO, MAHALO ... before we forget, and the calendar goes 2009 we thank our friend Annie and my son Christopher for their generous contributions to THE VARDO FUND. Thanks to you we have four beautiful windows and (will soon have) our cozy Dutch front door.

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