Friday, December 12, 2008


Remember those little beauties that we planted and entertained?
See for yourself. Here they are.

The wheatgrass and buckwheat --the sunflowers are hiding behind the buckwheat-- we soaked, began sprouting, planted in organic soil (Black Gold Organic mixed with a sprinkle of crushed glacial rock from B.C. for mineralizing) are doing great.

What will we do with these greens?

I'm sipping on wheatgrass juice as I type away. Wow, that's powerful! The buckwheat greens and sunflower sprouts are wonderful snacks just clipped and washed; delicious in salads/green smoothies; wrapped in a sheet of nori(dried seaweed) with hot basmati rice = veggie sushi.

How tall are the greens today?

Size perspective: There's a quart jar on the right for comparison.

How many days does it take to grow edible, organic greens?

Time perspective: The height of a quart jar in less than a week.

Where did we grow this food?

Growing place: Grown inside with no extra heat, in front of a large window.
How much did it cost to grow this food?
Excluding the time to grow ...
For a full-tray of wheatgrass: $1.00 - $1.50
For a full-tray of sunflower seeds: $ 2.50 (we grew 1/2 tray)
For a full-tray of buckwheat greens: $ 1.00 (we grew 1/2 tray)

Building VARDOFORTWO, both this blog and our home-to-be, is as we've written many times before, a dream come true. The challenges of living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities are just as the 'name' implies multiple and different for each of us. The exposures and the physical affects that tamper with my body's natural abilities or limitations often leave us (both Pete and me) stunned ... like a honey bee zapped into disorientation after sipping on poisoned blossoms. We dream a future based on our today: a dream of a safe home, a dream of safe food, a dream of community. Dreaming without Acting reminds me that a seed can remain dormant for years, centuries even. So, we dream and we act with inspiration.

There are things we can dream and act upon every day ... and we pray for the guidance to do those things in harmony with all that is. Sometimes, and more often than most of us can count, the actions of others can affect me ill. We Canaries of the MCS Tribe now that more than most.


Our newest POLL asks: How do you feed yourself, your family? Is growing your own feed part of your life? If not, would you like it to be? When you vote with your answers, know that you can check more than one answer. Again, we'll keep the poll going for a week.


The final part of this post is a link to a story sent to me by a sister with MCS from O`ahu, Bobby McClintock. I have never met Bobby in person. We have become friends through the internet. When Pete and I lived without safe housing on O`ahu, because of the affects of yet one more pesticide poisoning, it was Bobby who offered me online support and suggestions. This is a story about HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW in very big, bad fashion. The Hawaiian Islands, the Island Home I have fled has become the "GM (genetically modified) Capital of the Earth." This is an outrageous reality. I grieve the facts that support that description. I am stunned by it and activated by the arrogance that justifies "GENETICALLY MODIFIED HAWAII". Read the entire article for yourself. Those of us who know, love and grieve the hewa (wrong-doings) that happen on the Islands are not unfamiliar with acts such as these. Others, visitors or would-be visitors to Hawaii may be unaware of the Islands history of occupation, genetic modification of her food source is just too much! It's an issue close to my heart. I pray that my inspired action finds like actors, and at the very least I have put the story HERE. Read and then grow a little of your own food.


Anonymous said...

It is indeed a crime against humanity, what some people are doing to our food supplies in efforts to control it.

They are hiding the negative health effects that have been documented, and continue with their false advertising about how this will feed all the hungry people in the world... BS!

It makes me so sad and angry. And all the more committed to buying as much as I can that is not only organic and local, but fair trade as well.

We are what we eat. If we nourish ourselves with food that is raised with care, we enjoy the benefits. If we buy what is cheapest, we suffer the consequences. It's easy to say "I can't afford it". I say "I can't afford no to".

Mokihana Calizar said...

Linda, These are the crimes that need to become transparent and APparent to humanity. There are no doubts about the affects of pesticides and tampering to the genes of living foods/beings.

That's IT, "all the more committed to ... organic, local and fairly traded as well." "I CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO."

Do you grow any of your food? Thanks for the comment Linda, awesome!

Mokihana Calizar said...

Here's GOOD NEWS from Hawaii Island regarding banning GMO for the kalo (taro) growers and coffee growers on Hawaii Island.

From: Hawaii Seeds

Hawai'i County Council overrides Mayor's veto of no-GMO bill

Special hearing leads to Council override

In a special hearing on November 13th, 2008, with citizens testifying overwhelmingly in support, the Hawai'i County Council voted to override the Mayor's veto of bill 361, banning genetically engineered taro and coffee in Hawai'i County (Hawai'i Island). They had unanimously approved the bill approximately one month earlier, however Mayor Harry Kim vetoed the bill.

The vote was again unanimous (7-0) among those council members present. Councilman Higa was off-island, and councilman Ikeda, though present for some of the hearing and citizen testimony, was absent when the vote was called.

Mahalo to all who testified in person, by phone, letter or e-mail in support of the override. This victory is making headlines far and wide.

Anonymous said...

I grew some lentil sprouts last year! They were awesome. I'd love to grow my own broccoli sprouts, they are amazing. I have dreams of having an outdoor garden whenever I find my new home in the country, well two gardens actually - one for me, and one for the deer and other wildlife. I want to learn how to do canning and preserving, and get a SS dehydrator, because I think soup veg could keep well like that for winter use, and I prefer most dried fruit to fresh! Probably because the fresh hurts my teeth when it's cold. I need to see if I can find some trays to grow like you do - new plastic is off limits to me, and I don't know what else would be suitable.

Mokihana Calizar said...

Linda, Great sprouting! Pete and I talked about some tray options, and maybe you could find an organic sprout farmer who'd be willing to sell you old/used plastic trays. Another thought is cedar flats (if you tolerate wood). Cedar will hold up and not rot as fast. Some other creative planters I've seen were old enamel pots that you could drill holes in; stainless trays or baking dishes might work too with drill holes in the bottoms.

Mokihana Calizar said...

We have just added a GADGET to the side-bar: ORGANIC FOOD CONNECTIONS. Lady Rita the sprout lady supplies us with many of our seeds. The Organic Consumers Organization tells it like it ought to be; and how we can be involved. The Raw Family is a source of living foods we've used and shared. Just take a look. If you have a site be ought to know about, let us know and we'll share it here.