Saturday, December 13, 2008


Winter Solstice is 8 days away. The shortest day signals the coming of more light . For many years we have chosen to honor the cycles of light and dark, sun and moon by celebrating the Winter Solstice. Before there was Christmas the cultures of the European continent celebrated and feasted in various fashion, the mid-point between darkest time and the promise of brightness. The Earth's tilt and rotation through the Universe, nearer or closer to the Sun increases or decreases our experience with light and dark. The choice or inspiration to celebrate is one of the joys we human can make.

We have celebrated The Winter Solstice in many ways throughout our years together; gathering family and friends in our homes, eating good food, laughing and talking, and sharing stories of gratitude and appreciation. Our lives have changed and the ability to gather in celebration has changed, too. And yet the new friends and family we are making because multiple chemical sensitivites have awakened my human experience to 'imbalances and hewa" does not alter the spin of Earth's movement. We remain able to choose to celebrate, and make time to create simple rituals that says to All that Is, "We are part of this." This is our first year of Winter Solstice together on the American continent. When we live on the Islands in Hawaii the days and nights are more equal in length, so the change in length isn't as apparent. That is not so in Washington ... the nights are longggg here. "Is the sun coming up today?" Pete just asked as he looked through the yellow curtain at a still dark morning sky.

So, as a way to acknowledge the coming shift from long nights and the promise of change/more light I would like to invite all our readers and visitors to VARDOFORTWO to CELEBRATE THE LIGHT with a Winter Solstice Meditation and Prayer on Sunday, December 21, 2008. Where ever you are at SUNSET, Sunday, December 21st for 30 minutes, join with someone or someones you love and celebrate.
Celebrate, meditate, sing, laugh, remember and commit to the things in your life that have meaning. Like a wave across and around The Earth our celebrations will embrace this planet and ourselves. There are no rules for how to do this celebrating riutal. Simply intend to embrace light and accept the embraces that come. Join with others, tell others about CELEBRATE THE LIGHT, invite them to celebrate with us ....
I will remind you about the Winter Solstice Mediation and Prayer Celebration next week when I post DREAM coming True Week 8. In the mean time there's no time like the present to celebrate and appreciation what is now.
Now on to my DREAM Coming True post for Week 7 ....
I have grown an abundance of dream money since my first week's $100.
This week I have $6,400 of dream money to spend on creating the foundation of an Intentional Community of individuals and families living with multiple chemical sensitivities. Pete and I have dreamt of creatively building this and now I put it out HERE to attract the "how" to this intention.
The 10 Things for which I am APPRECIATIVE this week are:
1. I appreciate our digital camera.
2. I appreciate the taste of crispy Washington state apples.
3. I appreciate fairy lights.
4. I appreciate the progress of my spiritual life.
5. I appreciate generosity.
6. I appreciate my sensitivities.
7. I appreciate organic, local farmers.
8. I appreciate friends.
9. I appreciate celebration and ritual.
10. I appreciate Pete.
I hope this is a day filled with moments of appreciation and laughter.


Susie said...

We always celebrate Winter Solstice! We will think of you this year and connect our waves.

I love how you always appreciate Pete.

VardoForTwo said...

Susie, Wonderful we will think of you at Sunset ... right now, the first snowflakes are falling here. Winter. And yes, Pete is always on my list.

Anonymous said...

The intentional community for MCSers is a good idea. I like the idea of a vardo encampment, with one or more larger shared buildings.

VardoForTwo said...

Anonymous, We like MCS i.c. community of "vardo encampment with one or more larger shared buildings" idea,too. I have begun to explore what it would take to build mobile chicken coops to grow and feed us. Susie Collins from The Canary Report inspired me originally with her chickens, and I find that 'mobile coops' are a real and happening option.

In the weeks to come we will be working on this idea, starting with VARDOFORTWO as a solid foundation. Thanks so much for your comment, keep sharing your thoughts about the Intentional Community.

Gruppo MCS said...

Your VardoFroTwo is a real inspiration for MCS people! I myself am dealing with building a refugee in an old stable in the italian mountains. It's so nice that you share your experience and call for positive energy. We really need to build a strong MCS community and forget differences. All the best from Italy, Francesca

Gruppo MCS said...

Your VadoForTwo is so inspiring! I myself am dealing with building a safe refugee in the italian mountains. It's so nice that you share your experience and call for positive energy. I send you all my best wishes from Italy, Francesca

VardoForTwo said...

Aloha Francesca, Your messages are making my morning! Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words. To hear your voice from Italy affirms for us the importance of this journey. How wonderful that you are building a safe refuge in the Italian mountains. Yes, building a strong MCS community on Earth where differences are not the focus must be part of the foundation.
We will include you in our Winter Solstice Celebration on Sunday, Dec 21st envsioning you and your safe home in Italy. Mokihana and Pete