Sunday, December 7, 2008

DREAM Coming True Week 6

Aloha! We are back after a very full four-day `ole cycle, and before this weekend slips into history I get to post a 6th week of "Dream Coming True." It is a miracle to be here period. I marvel at the resiliency of the human spirit and smile (a big one) thinking about VARDOFORTWO gorwing (what IS that word?... oh, that would be growing)... here in blog form and outside the Kitchenette on the Iron Eagle trailer. Transformational evidence that affirms for me what does happen when a seed of hope is nourished. We've been in the Kitchenette for seven months and our life is being transformed.

This week I have $3,200 of dream money to spend on a composting toilet. Yes a self-contained composting toilet that will travel with us(though not necessarily inside VARDOFORTWO) wherever our mobile life leads us.

The Ten Things for Which I am Appreciative are:

1. I appreciate shadows (because that means the sun is shining, smile, smile!).
2. I appreciate organic seeds (because that means new life, new healthy food is always possible).
3. I appreciate massage (because it feels great).
4. I appreciate the sound track from Chocolat (because I am enlivened, transported and reminded without leaving the farm.)
5. I appreciate compost piles (because that means the organic seeds will have a place to grow).
6. I appreciate the experience of forgiveness (because there is more room in my life).
7. I appreciate storytellers (because I love the sound of a tale).
8. I appreciate unscented soap (because it makes smelling easy ... that sounds funny).
9. I appreciate a warm hat (because my head doesn't like to be chilled).
10. I appreciate Pete (because he is Pete).

I have so much to share, and glad to be back at the blog. We're off to the West Seattle Farmer's Market soon in search of whatever the local farmers have on offer. A great Sunday to you where ever you are today!

Thanks for visiting. Mokihana

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